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The ABC Africa Group of companies consist inter alia of ABC Hansen Africa, (the main operating company) which is incorporated in South Africa as part of the ABC Hansen / Cormall group of companies from Denmark, and manufactures, distributes, imports and exports agro processing and food processing equipment and engineers complete turnkey plants for a variety of industries with a primary focus on grain storage, milling and oil processing industries. The company specializes in solutions to processors and would-be processors and has first hand experience of operating businesses in South Africa of most of the equipment it manufactures and sells. Its depth of knowledge therefore is not limited to the manufacture of machines only, and it has successfully operated maize mills, wheat mills, oil expelling plants, bakeries, bakery ingredient blending plants, spice mills, dry food milling, extrusion and blending operations. The company has an engineering division manufacturing many different types of equipment and able to extend full maintenance, warranty and repair services to its customers and on behalf of foreign principals where required. The ABC Africa Group Offices - ABC Africa Group Silos, Milling and Agricultural Equipment The company has been at the forefront of developing small and medium scale wheat milling systems in the early 1990’s incorporating both roller and stone mills which has become extremely popular in many parts of the world including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Scandinavia, South America and elsewhere. The affordability of these systems offers an entrance into the market to small and medium scale enterprises. The health aspects associated with stone ground milling furthermore offers entrepreneurs access to a niche market. A range of hammer mills and small roller mills now fulfil these small and medium scale milling requirements while roller milling system from 3-20 tons per hour is core business. Industrial hammer mills up to 110kW are also manufactured in South Africa under the well known Hippo brand, dating back to 1928. The main focus of the company today is on large scale grain storage systems from 2 tons to 20,000 tons per bin and all associated handling, conveying, drying and cleaning systems in all capacities and for all types of grain including maize, wheat, soy beans, sunflower, rice, rape seed, nuts, sorghum, millet etc. The company represents the Global Industries group from the USA including MFS/York/Stormor, Neco, Hutchinson, Brownie, Sentinel and Mayrath – most of these divisions of Global has been in operation for more than 40 years. ABC Hansen Africa also represents the air conveyance systems of Walinga of Canada, a fifth generation grain handling company. The company continuously invests in research and development in expanding the range of equipment it manufactures. The group maintains offices or representatives in Denmark, Poland, South Africa, Ghana, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Russia, Kenya, Namibia, the USA, China and India. The company represents many foreign manufacturers on a sole or part agency basis. Other companies in the group are involved with livestock farming and services (Edify International), horse riding gear & general trading (AC Trading) , feed trailers (ABC Agri) , property development (Maradna), forestry and wood chippers, cut-off saws and log splitters (Scanwood Solutions). The ABC Africa group of companies focusses on excellence with machinery and equipment you can rely on. Part of the ABC Africa Group of Companies.



ABC Hansen offers a complete solution from conceptualisation to completion including design, engineering, civil works, supply, installation, electric and other control system, automation and training for all customers through all corners of Africa and for every free flowing product that requires storage.

From weighbridges, intake, cleaning, drying, conveying, storage, aeration, fumigation and unloading, the complete process is undertaken by ABC Hansen. Own installation teams well equipped with hydraulic lifts complete every step of the way.

A silo complex of any size would be a global achievement with top quality components from North and South America, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Turkey, China and Japan as well as contributions from the country of installation. Each item is of world class manufacture, and virtually every spare part can be supplied within 48 hours if necessary.

Technicians are available to board an aircraft to any international destination from Johannesburg within 50 kilometers from our factory.



ABC Hansen Africa provides complete silo projects with all the needed silo accessories and ancillary equipment such as in silo dryers, aeration, conveyance, temperature monitoring, moisture testers, moisture adding devices and much more. Have a look at the rest of the site to see all of the options that can be added to you silos project

Silos from ABC Hansen Africa have a useful life of up to 30 years with a galvanisation rating of G115/350g/m2.

With minimal effort and an ABC Hansen silo, you can be the master of your crop and your investment.

Silos in your area may be leased by the current owner in total to large food corporations, leaving you to find storage many miles away, if available, or forcing you to sell to the large corporations on their terms - except if you have your own silos on farm.

Without a farm silo the cost may be increased to the point where you are forced to sell your grain at a timing not entirely in your interest. From a logistical point of view, an ABC Hansen silo would enable you to contract transport at favourable rates, and would allow you to sell to customers of your choice, and would speed up your harvesting process

Modern on-farm silo systems must provide for proper management controls such as temperature control and aeration systems, fumigation systems and good handling and storage equipment.

ABC Hansen is a supplier of high quality American silos from MFS out of Nebraska, USA and have their own erection teams, to ensure quality and correct installation of the silos and handling equipment. ABC Hansen also offers peace of mind, as we carry spare parts of all of the silo's and handling equipment supplied, in their group owned 2,000 square meter warehouse in Pretoria, South Africa, so long waiting times for spare parts from the USA is something of the past.

As stated above ABC Hansen supplies silos manufactured by large scale American companies to ensure that you get the best silo's and the most effective handling equipment, at the best prices, and to ensure that the customer has peace of mind, knowing that the equipment he has purchased was the right choice.

ABC Hansen delivers grain storage and silo projects that will serve you for 30 years, so remember to buy silos on quality, not on cost.



3 Ton per hour (75 tons per day) and larger capacities up to 240+ tons per day in respect of maize and wheat mills is developed by ABC Hansen Africa in collaboration with such world class manufacturers as Imas from Turkey, United Milling Systems, Engsko and Skiold of Denmark, AGI, Sweet Manufacturing and Global Industries of the USA, Dynamic Generale of Italy and other renowned manufacturers.

In the case of maize mills, the Sub Sahara region has specific requirements, not nearly consistent for the region, for maize meal where it is often staple diet. In some Central and West African countries casava may form the main staple while maize would still be an important source of carbo hydrates.

In the pre-1990's maize meal was standardized into three distinct qualities by the then South African Maize Board who subsidized maize meal and had to ensure millers. The main two qualities were briefly defined as follows:

These qualities form a basis for maize meal throughout the Southern and East African region with major exceptions. The low fat content is achieved by de-germinating maize. In the case of grits used for beer, the fat content becomes even more important.

In some markets, while low fat content maize is desired, a finer particle size is preferred. This usually stems from a region where large scale roller mills ceased to function due to for instance conflict or economic factors, and where hammer milled meal formed the basis of the staple diet and to which the market became accustomed.

Inversely some markets prefer a coarser degerminated meal.

In all cases, meal is preferred with a longer shelf life which is obtained by removed as much of the germ as possible. A lower fibre content is also desired.

The ABC Hansen Africa maize milling systems keep all these factors in mind and design it accordingly.

In the case of large scale wheat milling, ABC Hansen Africa has not only its own expertise, but also that of its global partners at its disposal in the design of large scale milling systems for Africa.

Some equipment used in these systems are shown.




Oil expelling

Soy processing

Nut butter processing



ABCHansen can design and build quality solutions that can meet the specific requirements of your line of business and the constraints in your application.

  • Analogue - Pit less (above ground) or In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Axle Weighing - In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Digital/Electronic - Pit less (above ground) or In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Low Profile - Pit less (above ground)
  • Portable - Surface operated - Pit less and on the ground
  • Split Deck Weighbridges – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Static – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Self-contained – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Weigh In Motion - Surface operated – Pit-less and on the ground


The self-contained truck scale is the ideal answer when a scale is needed that can be moved from one site to another site. Typically industries such as quarries, sand and gravel pits, lumber and logging companies must relocate equipment from time to time to maintain efficient product flow. The ABCHansen truck scales contribute to the ease and efficiency of these required moves, and the complete scale is contained in modules which are furnished with easy lifting devices to improve relocation logistics. Simply lift, move, and lower the scale to its new location for weighing with minimal time and effort. The scale can be placed on compacted surfaces or similar surfaces for an economical installation.

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