Ag Leader

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For 25 years now, Ag Leader has been producing high quality, innovative precision agriculture tools that improve decision making, efficiency and solve agronomic challenges around the globe. You may perhaps already be familiar with Ag Leader, but for those of you who are new to the brand, Ag Leader is an organization that holds ethics, relationships, trust and integrity highly. With that philosophy, we’ve been around awhile. In fact, 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Ag Leader, and we’re proud to say we’re still here and we look forward to what the next 25 years bring for precision agriculture. Ag Leader spurred from innovation, and it is quality of product, integrity and ingenuity that continues to drive us today. In 1986, I felt the need to be innovative beyond the scope of my day-to-day job, so I began development of the on-the-go yield monitor. Despite the financial challenges that my young family endured, I stayed committed, prototype after prototype, until I was satisfied with a high quality, marketable product. In 1992, Ag Leader was born. Ag Leader is defiantly independent, and committed solely to helping growers better their quality of life and address agronomic issues through precision farming solutions. With four support offices, 280+ employees worldwide and an expansive domestic and international dealer network, Ag Leader is dedicated to producing a valuable product experience for growers. Ag Leader remains privately owned and family operated, with headquarters in Ames, Iowa, USA. There are many changes going on in the world of precision agriculture these days – mergers, buyouts and new companies entering the market. It seems many precision partners are focused on producing products that appeal to the equipment manufacturers and less on what the individual grower needs. Here at Ag Leader, addressing the wants and needs of farmers is priority one. We invite you to look over our products to learn more and then inquire with your local Ag Leader dealer. I’m certain Ag Leader can bring positive gains to your farming operation, and to your quality of life.


Be InCommand™ with the NEW InCommand displays and AgFiniti Mobile

With the new InCommand displays and AgFiniti®, you are in control of your entire operation. IN cab, visualize what is happening IN each row with precision detail. Take that information with you IN field on your iPad® for scouting. Have it readily available IN office for a meeting with your consultant, when making seed or fertilizer decisions. IN every season let these powerful displays go to work for you. Complete control IN your hands.


Guidance and Steering

Ag Leader displays feature advanced, integrated guidance systems, capable of multiple guidance patterns. So even if you only want guidance, our lineup of displays give you that -- plus lots of room to grow.



Today’s high-tech seed isn’t cheap. If you’re not in proper control of how much seed you plant, how it's planted or where it's planted, you’re probably sacrificing yield potential and bottom line performance.



DirectCommand® has revolutionized the application management process, giving you reliable application rate control that will help you minimize waste.


Complete control over liquid and granular application with DirectCommand®

Complete Control

Your resources are valuable and important. Whether you have an NH3 toolbar, Liquid N sidedress unit, sprayer, spreader or electric starter fertilizer pump on your planter, DirectCommand will transform the application process, allowing for maximum control.

Why DirectCommand?

  • Eliminate overapplication, overlap, spray drift and application gaps.
  • Increase productivity during tight application windows.
  • Reduce fuel costs and field compaction by applying multiple products at one time.
  • Target product application through crop sensing and prescription application strategies.
  • Document all field application data and provide simple reporting.


Yield Monitoring

Ag Leader provides the most widely used grain yield monitoring technology in the world. Create and view yield and moisture maps while harvesting and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield. Make year-round management decisions based on this valuable information. 


Intellislope® Tile Plow Control System

Ag Leader's Intellislope® simplifies the process of installing field drainage tile by using an RTK GPS receiver to install tile with a positive grade through the entire run. This eliminates the need for laser surveying equipment, which can be subject to weather conditions, and adjustments to keep the plow on grade in changing topography. 


Plan, Manage, Profit

We understand that smart management decisions are a must in your precision farming operation. And, because you may have data from different systems and sources, we aim to support as many data types as possible. SMS was developed with this in mind, so you can makes well-informed decisions based on all your data. 

Solutions for all seasons...

Field Stewardship

  • Create and manage soil sampling points, grids and regions. Easily sync lab soil test results with sample locations in the field.
  • Create field tile plans for optimal drainage systems.
  • Download soil survey maps (U.S. only) and view aerial and road background maps for your fields.
  • Plan and document crop plans, tillage practices or other activities for field improvement.


  • Choose seed with higher yield potential based on historic yield performance data.
  • Create reports and charts displaying important planter performance details.
  • Use precision data to satisfy government reporting needs.


  • Track variable rate liquid and/or granular application operations.
  • Record application operations for regulatory recordkeeping.
  • Create variable rate application maps and prescriptions.


  • Analyze harvest data by field area application records, as-planted maps, etc.
  • Discover yield trends within your fields using multiple years of harvest data.
  • Create harvest reports and charts to provide details on each field or use query tools to analyze specific areas.


AgFiniti Data Management

Today's agriculture is increasingly data centric; your information needs to be more accessible than ever. With the AgFiniti cloud- based platform, take information about your entire operation with you wherever you go to help you make decisions on the farm that matter most.