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Aquadam began life in the early 1990’s repairing leaking farm dams. The concrete dams were failing due to a variety of reasons including natural ground movements, poor workmanship or lack of correct materials available during installation.

Since then Aquadamhas designed and manufactured a wide range of concrete dams and steel tanks in South Africa.We produce Steel Coated Tanks, Concrete Reservoirs for use in a broad spectrum of industry sectors including agriculture, aquaculture, mining, municipal  and fire-fighting. Our storage solutions are widely used in rural, domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Registered in 1992, Aquadam manufactures and supply our highly diverse range of steel tanks and concrete reservoirs to a wide range of customers throughout South Africa and into the rest of Africa.


More Information

Aquadam is a certified B-BBEE level 2 contributor in the industry.

Our employees and installers are well trained and certified in the installation of your tank or reservoir and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993. Our installers are certified in first aid, safety, basic fire fighting, working on heights, scaffolding erection and inspection.

Our highly experienced certified installers are well qualified to install your tank or reservoir anywhere in South Africa and Africa, ensuring that you can rely on water storage solutions of the highest quality and durability. A competent site supervisor will make sure that your installation is done according to company standards and specification


Collectively, Aquadam’s owners and management team have more than 70 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of water storage structures. Aquadam focuses on providing top quality tanks and reservoirs at affordable prices with outstanding service. Because Aquadam is the only company in South Africa that designs and manufactures such a wide variety of steel tanks and concrete reservoirs, we are able to provide our clients with the right advice and the perfect storage solutions.

We first determine each client’s specific needs, and then recommend the correct tank or reservoir that will meet the client’s requirements, objectives and budget. What sets us apart is the breadth of our offer, because at Aquadam we offer everything related to water storage solutions under one roof. All our products are designed on a highly sophisticated software program and manufactured locally which eliminates the lengthy waiting periods often involved with imported products. It also makes for more expedient repair work in the event of damage resulting from an “Act of God” because replacement parts are immediately available.

Once the your order is approved, our software program orders the material from the suppliers and print all manufacturing orders and work orders. In addition, all our installation materials (e.g. sand, cement, steel and bolts) are locally sourced. We believe that local procurement, design and production is good for the South African economy.


Products & Services
Zincalume Steel Tanks

Why a Smart Water Tank?

The Smart Tank is a complete custom-built water storage tank according to your specifications. Adapt the tank shell, roof sheets, colour and resistance to wind speeds against extreme weather conditions and ship it to anywhere in the world.

Using the latest geomembrane technology, we make sure that the liquid stored inside is not contaminated: the tank is lined with a certified potable liner suitable for human and animal consumption.


Corrugated Steel Tanks

Aquadam supplies a wide range of Zincalume Corrugated Tanks under the Smart Tank brand, for affordable & flexible use in many applications. The special characteristics of the Smart Tank corrugated steel tank are quality, firmness of shape & mechanical strength.

The Smart Tank has been branded under two categories; the Smart Tank Extreme which is your option for a completely customised water storage tank and the Smart Tank Express which is standard tanks sizes obtainable from your nearest authorised dealer or our online shopping chart.

Fire Protection Water Tanks

The Fire Tank

The Fire Protection Water Tanks are manufactured with a steel plated sheet with the highest corrosion resistance available. It’s called PosMAC. This means that when you invest in a fire protection system you can be sure that your tank is designed according to the latest recognized code of practice so that it will last in any fire situation.  Our Fire Tanks are perfect for fire protection in the industrial, commercial and agricultural industry. Installation of your Fire Tank is carried out by one of our trusted fire tank dealers/installers in South Africa and abroad. Protect your assets with a PosMAC.


PosMAC Tank Shell

PosMAC is a Magnesium, Zinc and Aluminium alloy coating that acts differently to iron when exposed to the elements. The Al, Mg and Zn elements create a protective barrier coating to the tank shell on the inside and outside. This process allows the steel to be used safely for protracted periods and includes:

3 x higher corrosion resistant properties, Excellent anti-corrosive resistant flat surfaces and cut edges, High corrosive resistance against neutral salt & acid rain

High quality and lower replacement costs.

The cost factor is less than for existing fire tanks as it reduces maintenance and replacement costs due to corrosion as time progresses. A longer replacement period can help achieve a greater economic benefit. PosMAC will extend the life of any Fire Tank up to 50 years.

Epoxy Coated Tanks

Rhino Tank Impact Durability

The Rhino tank is tougher than the traditional steel tank options. The Rhino Water Tank is a tough bolted steel tank covered with a thermally bonded epoxy coating for higher impact durability. Highly corrosion and chemical-resistant, this tank is virtually resilient to on-site damage and exceeds coating requirements. The Rhino Tank is available in a range of colours with no additional surcharge in green, desert sand, blue, red, brown.


Epoxy Coated Tanks

The Rhino Water Tank is well suited for storing a wide variety of liquid chemicals, with a pH suitability of 2-11 and temperatures of up to 60°C. Because the Rhino Tank is UV-stabilized, these tanks are suitable for temperate, humid and even abrasive desert conditions. The Rhino Tank is suited for a wide variety of storage requirements; from potable water, municipal sludge, anaerobic digestion, demineralized water and many more applications.

A full range of optional extras is available, including roofing, access ladders, staircases, rest and working platforms and walkways.

Home Water Storage

Avoid Water Cuts

You can reduce your household dependence on main water systems by 70% with the collection of rainwater from rooftops and a water storage solution. Rainwater is pure and inexpensive and it does not contain harmful contaminants or chemicals. Then why pay for something that is naturally for free…

The Home Tank is an elegant yet practical zincalume rainwater harvesting tank to create a constant water supply. Therefore, conserving and recycling rainwater is now so much easier for the discerning home owner to help manage water with flair.

The harvested rainwater can then be used to irrigate the garden, top up the swimming pool, wash the car, etc. Rainwater is even clean enough to be plumbed into your house with very little extra filtration required. The narrow and round design of the tank is perfect for urban areas where space is a major concern. Unlike traditional tanks, the HomeTank tank will not block walk ways. The HomeTank can be placed against virtually any wall of your house. Simply divert a gutter down pipe directly above the tank’s filter screen to safely collect rainwater from your roof into the water storage tank.


So beautiful, you can’t stop staring

The revolutionary rainwater storage tank was designed primarily to harvest rainwater gathered from any roof structure.

PVC Dome Covers

Dome Shelter Structures

The AgriDome is one of the most versatile dome shelter structures in South Africa — the structure of 100 uses. Each dome shelter offers you a combination of the finest materials available and design. Every detail you desire is carefully crafted. Every option you select is seamlessly added — all to exceptional standards to create a customized pre-engineered structure that is uniquely yours.

AgriDome sizes are available in standard widths or can be can be customized to fit your needs.

You can not expect your livestock to put on more weight in harsh African conditions. We understand the implication of the high costs of steel structures. We know you are losing money because of the harsh conditions.

That is why we would like to introduce you to the AgriDome. The PVC covered Dome structure that is durable, requires low maintenance and very cost effective. You can now create the optimal conditions for maximum production while keeping animals safe from theft and healthier than ever before.

Our Engineer Designed AgriDome cost less than lower and non-rated conventional shelters and are rated to 249 kms per hour – We call it “Super Strong” … You’ll call it

“Peace of Mind!”

Raised Garden Bed

A garden bed is a self-watering raised garden bed, and even though the design is a relatively new innovation that is catching the attention of many produce gardeners worldwide, it is essentially nothing more than a large scale version of a self-watering pot. Self watering pots have been around for decades, and are based o the principle of sub-irrigation, where the water supply sits below the pot that is wicked upward into the soil in the container above.

Also, when considering wicking beds, it is really important to determine whether this system of gardening is suitable for our needs as gardeners. By understanding the pros and cons of garden bed gardening, we can make the right choice and get the best results gardening with this garden beds.


We help you SAVE water for FUTURE generations.

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