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AQUAMAT SA Pty Ltd is a South African Company based in Ormonde, Johannesburg, South Africa. The company operated for many years as Aquamat cc after it incorporated Soft Water Installations, which operated in Water Treatment since 1968. It continued its operations in developing, manufacturing and distribution of products, systems and services for the treatement of water in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

AQUAMAT SA Pty Ltd has established itself as a leader in technology applied in water treatment equipment and has attained wide recognition for providing sound, cost-effective and reliable solutions for the purification and treatment of water. Our Mission Statement AQUAMAT SA Pty Ltd endeavours to be the undisputed market leader in the Southern Africa Water Treatment Industry through innovative, cost-effective technology. A wide range of products and services are offered, subject to the highest quality and standards to ensure the most satisfactory, ethical business relationships. We will treat our employees in a fair and awarding way according to their contributions, while providing a satisfying work environment.

Our products are used extensively country wide, in neighbouring countries and the Middle East. We specialise in the removal of heavy metals like iron, manganese etc, from water both domestic and industrial, and are leaders in treatment of irrigation water at large quantities.



Aquamaster conditions water and restricts the harmful effects of minerals and metals by applying the concept of Catalytic Ionising. At virtually no operating cost, hard and saline brackish water is conditioned to its optimal standard.

The Aquamaster system works by utilising electrode cores which create a venturi effect in the water, thereby bringing all undesirable molecules towards the core as the water flows through the system. Essentially a low electric current emanates from an electron booster, which constantly charges the Aquamaster cores and allows ion exchange to take place when the ions in the salts and minerals are polarised. This then changes the molecular structure of the water. The system can be fitted into a stainless steel housing and is installed in the main water flow line.
The size of Aquamaster required is dependent on the required flow rate and application in question. They are suitable for small domestic units, right up to large irrigation schemes and the municipal water supply to towns and villages.

Conditioned water prevents scaling and protects equipment such as cooling towers, pipe lines, heat exchangers, air conditioning units & appliances.

  • Conditions water containing harmful elements such as minerals and metals.
  • Hard water, saline & brackish water for domestic, industrial and irrigation applications, is conditioned to optimum standard.
  • Destroys surface tension of water, maximising water absorption by plants.
  • Hard water is restructured to a finer level improving irrigation substantially.
  • Water percolation into soil is optimised.
  • Leaching property of water is greatly improved resulting in diminished salt presence near roots.
  • Scaling in pipes is prevented.
  • Plants grow better!



Descalers are used to eliminate the scale build up in pipes, geysers, appliances and taps. They work by changing the composition of the lime in the water so that the element is unable to function as it normally would. Treat 100 000 ltrs of water with as little as 1kg of our descaling media.



Remove sediment, taste, odour and chlorine with the Aquamat Filters. Available in a number of configurations such as Single, Double and Triple inline configurations for retrofit applications and new installations. Our domestic filters are easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to fit.



AQUAMAT SA Pty Ltd has established itself as a leader in technology applied in water treatment equipment and has attained wide recognition for providing sound, cost-effective and reliable solutions for the purification and treatment of water.



The process essentially entails the removal of calcium, magnesium and other metals from the water; ensuring softer water is available for your requirements. The process is suitable for household to industrial applications, as it creates the same effect, yet works on a much larger scale in an industrial application. Softer water assists in the prolonging of plumbing, piping and certain devices which come into contact with water during your applications process. It is also more compatible with soap and therefore an excellent process to enforce in a household. Aquamat offer both manual and electronic water softeners for a wide range of applications.

It is very important to note, that a complete water analysis of your water source , as well as the required flow-rate per hour that is desired is needed to determine what size water softener is to be used to ensure the correct application of the water softener. Our excellent technical team is available for assistance at



Our water treatment systems require certain consumables to function properly. From Descaling Agent, Calcium Hypochlorite, Sudfloc and Hexametaphosphate to HTH tablets and UV tubes; Aquamat consumables are essential to purifying, sterilising and filtering your water efficiently, no matter what your application is.



The Filter Media are essential elements in the filtration process. Depending on your requirements and application, you will need to make use of the following media: Silica Filter Sand, Turbidex(Zeolite), BIRM - Iron removal, Activated Carbon - Coconut Shell, Anthracite, Garnet. These elements are used to remove, taste, odour, chlorine and even certain solids in the water supply.



Our specifically manufactured Masconi Water pressure pumps are required to attain the desired water flow rate in a water supply system. Whether it’s a domestic, agricultural of industrial application, Aquamat has the solution for you. The Aquamat pressure pumps are available in stainless steel or cast iron and cover a wide range of water application categories.
The Masconi pumps feature:

  • Automatic Water Pressure Up to 5 Bar
  • Adjustable
  • Essential for Multi-storey homes
  • Enjoy High Water Pressure & Fast Flow
  • Cheap and Economical
  • Compact Unit which includes the Motor Centrifugal Pump and Automatic Pressure Switch
  • Easy Installation
  • Replaces High Cost of Reservoir Stands
  • Reliable, Trouble-Free Working – Guaranteed



Aquamat Submersible Pumps are perfect for removing water, whether from a swimming pool or a flooded commercial property. Our submersible pumps are available with a float switch or without. The Aquamat Sewerage pumps will get the job done effectively and quickly and are available in a range of sizes and suitable for a number of different applications.



Aquamat Pressure Vessels are available from 24 litres to 500 litres. As we are the sole distributors of VaremTM pressure vessels, you can be sure you’re buying top quality. The vessels are available as horizontal or vertical units, except for the 24 litre unit.  We also stock spare membranes and bladders.



The Aquamat Water Filtration Vessels are suitable to be used with all media generally utilised in the filtration process, such as Silica Filter Sand, Turbidex, BIRM, Activated Carbon, Anthracite and Garnet. Certain units are fitted with multiport valves which have fittings of 1½ inch to 4 inch. These multiport valves are however available separately.



We offer a number of spares and accessories including:

  • Changeable Bladder
  • Pressure Gauges
  • 5-Way Connectors
  • Non-Return Valves
  • Automatic Pump controls
  • Float Switches