Coniglio Rabbit Meat Farmer

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For years, the possibility of a rabbit farming industry was overlooked by many, due to the preconceptions that South Africans have about the perceptions of others. At the same time, the production of rabbit meat has expanded abroad to astounding numbers.

Coniglio Rabbit Meat Farm (Pty) Ltd. is the drive and initiative behind the Rabbit Farming Industry in South Africa.  The initiative started in 2010 in the Western Cape  Province to promote Rabbit Farming activities, offering alternative farming opportunities to local farmers.  It has since expanded to a current collective supply from every South African Province.

Various roll players has started to take note and acted, contributing to the industry through funding, regulations, certifications, distribution, whole sale, entrepreneurial efforts and the primary supply of livestock.

To this end, Coniglio created a unique model to stimulate growth and encourage farmers to farm rabbits by offering a guaranteed sale of their products in the form of off-take agreements. Our basic commercial production platform is ever expanding to supply products through certified infrastructure.

We are now in our eight year of operation and expect huge upswing in the production and consumption of rabbit meat products in South Africa.  We comfortably balance our product offerings between export and selective local markets which puts us in a comfortable position to be the market leader in South Africa for the next ten to twenty years.


Rabbits are probably the most nutritious protein available to mankind that can be farmed and kept as livestock.

Through centuries and all over the world rabbits has been kept for protein resources.  Their ability to reproduce is simply astounding and their anatomy as well.  They are adapted to provide a high source of protein from basic grasses and can survive on very little.  For years the foxes and hawks have had an exceptional source of protein and humans also found this delicious white meat to be fit for kings.

A special kind of meat breed is used extensively.

Various methods of farming rabbits are used around the world both for smaller and commercial farms.  Some methods have been frowned upon over the years by many with valid reason.  Methods for rabbit farming in South Africa was adapted to be humane and to foremost ensure that happy healthy herds are the first priority for every farming operation.  Special equipment contribute to this extensively, and the well-being of our combined herds will always top our list of priorities.

Visiting a Coniglio rabbit farm is not only a good introduction to the industry but also a very pleasant experience.