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At Ctrack we assist our clients to transform their business with innovative SaaS, IoT and mobile solutions. We are passionate about changing the way businesses communicate, collaborate and operate around the world, allowing you to take action on the insights from our cutting-edge devices and cloud platforms. Our support and hardware solutions come together in  clever, user-friendly and powerful software systems.

As a global leader in Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Insurance Telematics Solutions, we are in the business of keeping vehicles, fleets and their occupants Always Visible.

With over 30 years’ experience, a stolen vehicle recovery rate of over 95%, and continuous investment in research and development, we are committed to making sure your vehicle or fleet is Always Visible.

Our products provide safety and security for car owners and their families, control and cost savings for businesses and a wealth of fleet analytics for informed decision making for large enterprises.


Our wide range of products and services are made to suit your business’ needs including industries, such as;

  • Transport & Logistics
  • Airport Solutions
  • Mobile Assets
  • Security & Safety
  • Agriculture
  • Mining & Yellow Equipment
  • Safety and Security companies
  • Government and Public Transport
  • Driver specific Management tools
  • Small & Medium Business Solutions
  • Supporting Software & Business Intelligence Platform for all of the above. 

Ctrack also provides integrated solutions with third parties and products that are not normally seen as true tracking products. This one-stop shop for fleet managers also provides a state-of-the-art camera solution, Ctrack Iris, where transport and asset managers can view live camera footage of dash-cams, as well as up to 4 cameras fitted to trucks, trailers and inside cargo bodies. In-cab devices that assist drivers with multi-tasking and route management is also a result of years of development of software reports, that are easily accessible via mobile devices and cloud-based platforms.

Ctrack BX500
Ctrack BX600
Ctrack Iris