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Astron Energy is the leading supplier of petroleum products in Southern Africa.

We market our products under the Caltex brand, one of the country’s top two petroleum brands, with more than 845 service stations nationwide. These retail outlets sell transportation fuels, all containing the Techron® additive, and a range of Caltex-branded lubricants.

Caltex Havoline® and Delo® lubricants are also available throughout South Africa, through authorised distributors and at auto parts stores.


Caltex Delo® is Caltex’s premium lubricantbrand for heavy-duty diesel vehicles. CaltexDelo® delivers confidence to commercial andindustrial professionals who require the best equipment performance and protection.

Our customer commitment has led us toconstantly improve our products and reliabilityoffering. The Caltex Delo® family of productshas been designed as a complete premiumportfolio to protect your vehicles.

The Caltex Delo® family of products provides the protection customers need to be confidentso that they can maximise equipmentproductivity and minimise costly repairsor downtime.

Delo 400
Delo Brand