Eco Analytics

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EcoAnalytics brings the farmer one step closer to reaching their optimum potential.

Through years of experience with the BacTech Biological range, there is very little we can’t help with.


EcoAnalytics has always been the technical leg of BacTech. Doing soil analysis, diagnosing what the farmer wants and needs in their farming practice and most of all giving on the spot backup and assistance.

We aim to help the farmer where there is no more chemical answers left in his time of crisis.

We will guide you to eco rehabilitation and eco sustainable farming. With the micro plating and analysis done of sick plants, we can give the right advice of what product to use so that you don’t have to spend more than needed too.


NEMEX: Seed Treatment by Eco Analytics

Nemex is developed as a seed treatment with a variety of microbes and micro elements. The use of Nemex not only helps your plants to germinate faster, but also helps to increase the root mass and average yield.

Because Nemex is already right by the root zone as it germinates, the free-living nitrogen binders can start their work right from the get go as the roots develop giving your plants life.

Application is extremely easy and no need to blend or use some kind of sticking agent.


Directions of use is as follows:

You simply just tear open the packet and add 50g per 25kg of seed or 100g per 25kg of fine seed. At around R100.00 per 50g treatment, it can only be a win in your favour.


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