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Operating within a set of core values, we strive to empower our clients by supplying products that enable them to better their efficiency with regard to their operation. 

As better efficiency is needed to achieve higher productivity, our products are focussed on this area. 

Our mission is to raise our client's profits (and/or reduce losses) by applying our products to their operations.

More Information

Electrolee was formed in 1989 and is an independent, privately owned business.

It serves a client base throughout Southern Africa as well as abroad. 
Our products are manufactured in-house under strict quality control and sold with a three year guarantee. 
In order to provide our valued customers with products which are increasingly a better solution for a particular problem, as well as more cost efficient, Electrolee invests substantially into research and development. 
Our daily work is to joyfully innovative the future.
In the course of product design, many fields of discipline have to be mastered to some degree. 
Some of those include: 

  • Software development (Microprocessors)
  • Electronic circuit design and system integration
  • Mechanical design regarding product enclosure and other mechanical parts
  • Plastic resin molding

Our products are well known as "good value for money".

Products & Services
Planter Monitor Features
  • The Touch and Feel of this Planter Monitor is uniquely Tough and Robust
  • Bright LED's gives a FEEL of being in touch with the process
  • Highly effective, even in dusty conditions
  • User friendly and really easy to operate
  • Any number of channel(s) can be left unconnected
  • Sealed against dust and excessive moisture
  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Clear frequency modulated alarm ensures that an alarm condition is always heard
  • Two friction based adjustable stainless steel feet. Makes it easy to tilt the angle of the monitor for an effective view
  • Can be mounted on an instrument panel, against a cab wall or in a hanging position from the tractor's cab ceiling
  • Ultra reliable bright LED indicator lights shows every kernel as it falls past the sensor and into the ground
  • The bottom row of LED's indicates an alarm condition at that row, when the alarm is acknowledged
Other Features
  • Connects to the tractor's 12 Volt battery supply
  • User Manual with detailed installation and operating instructions included
  • Wide range of sensors available
  • Designed and Manufactured in South Africa for the toughest conditions
  • Top ranking after sales service
  • If anything might go wrong, any part in the system can be supplied or repaired within a day or two. (Depending on logistics)
  • Top quality three year guarantee
Process Monitor Functional Description

Ideal to monitor a process such as a Combine Harvester, Air seeders, Sprayers and many more.

Like: Fan speed, Seed Metering unit drive shaft, Implement speed derived from wheel, PTO speed and many more.

  • Speed and Worked Area 
    - Setup a Maximum Speed alarm threshold 
    - Setup a Minimum Speed Alarm threshold 
  • RPM on any of 4 axles
    - Setup a Maximum RPM Alarm threshold on any individual axle 
    - Setup a Minimum RPM Alarm threshold on any individual axle
  • Bin or Tank Full or Empty (4 Tanks) 
    - Setup to Alarm when tank gets full
    - Setup to Alarm when tank gets empty

The Process Monitor is a dynamic and robust monitoring system. Assembled as a KIT to fit a specific application. All available functions are monitored simultaneously. Whether you need AREA, SPEED, TACHO's, or BINs, this unit could be adapted to suit your needs. Buy only the sensors of the functions you need and get the kit for a very affordable price. Easy to setup and implement. Use it to keep an eye on many types of processes, and increase productivity immediately. It is ideally suited to combines. Easy to install and maintain.

    The AREA FUNCTION calculates the area while-u-work.
    • Up to 10 area-blocks can be selected to work on. As the implement moves forward, the screen is frequently updated. An implement up/down sensor detects whether the implement has to add area, or not. For instance, area is not added while the implement is lifted up while turning. Area is expressed in Hectares, including two decimals.
    • Two sensors are used for this function. A 18mm diameter Namur proximity sensor is used to pick up the wheel movement. This can be done on an axle or the studs of a wheel. The amount of studs are taken into account when calibrated. The other sensor is a spring type limit switch to sense when the implement is on working height and when lifted up.
    • The AREA FUNCTION can be switched off.
    • Uses a Limit switch to detect Implement lift. (Ordered with the unit)
      • Area Specification:
        • Maximum 65536 Hectare per Block.
        • Area screen updates every 100metre. 
    Monitor Implement SPEED while doing crop spraying or any other speed oriented process.
    • Enter a preset minimum and maximum threshold for the speed alarm. If the speed is over the preset limit, a down arrow indicates to the driver to slow down, and an alarm sounds. As soon as the speed is back within the preset limits, the current speed is displayed and the alarm is silent. When the speed is too slow, an up-arrow will indicate that increased speed is needed. The alarm can be acknowledged (temporarily silenced) by pressing the appropriate button. With this function a driver can keep the speed very accurate within the user's preset limits.
    • The speed is displayed in meters per minute or kilometers per hour, user selectable.
    • The SPEED FUNCTION can be switched off.
    • Uses an 18mm diameter Namur type proximity sensor. (Ordered with the unit)
      • Speed Specification:
        • Minimum speed 1km/h or 16.67 m/min
        • Maximum speed 200km/h or 3333m/min 
    Monitor up to 4 axles. Given in revolutions per minute (RPM).
    • An alarm can be set on every individual axle for a maximum and a minimum alarm point. A RPM reading is given on the LCD display for the selected channel. The alarm can be acknowledged by pressing the appropriate button (Temporarily silenced).
    • Applications include fan speed, drum speed, PTO speed or any other fast or slow turning axle(s).
    • The TACHO FUNCTION could be switched off.
    • Uses an 18mm diameter Namur type proximity sensor. (Ordered with the unit)
      • Tacho Specification:
        • Minimum: 5RPM per channel
        • Maximum: 10 000RPM per channel
        • Input pulses: Minimum: 1 pulse per revolution. Maximum 64 Pulses per revolution
    Monitor up to 4 bins or tanks for getting full, or getting empty, or a combination of the two. Preset the unit to sound the alarm on either a full bin or an empty bin.
    • The sensor is made to sense a granular substance like grain or fertilizer. A liquid can also be monitored.
    • The complete BIN FUNCTION can be switched off.
    • Uses a Capacitive proximity sensor to sense the presence of a substance.(Ordered with the unit) 
    The Process Monitor can be wired to be ON when 12Volt power is supplied to the power cable. Alternatively, it can be switched ON or OFF by pressing the appropriate button on the front panel.


  • Make up a KIT to suit your need

Our sensors work on the two-wire current loop principal. The advantage is simplicity and robustness. Especially to overcome corrosive electrical connections.

Most sensors are manufactured with a 4,5metre cable as standard. Although this is too long for most applications, it ensures that connection plugs are well away from the hinge movement of a planter row-unit.

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