Industrial Lawn Equipment

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For the past 189 years all bottom blades or bed knives have been manufactured with one cutting edge and one line of holes.

Industrial Lawn Equipment have revolutionized the industry developing a blade that is reversible with DUAL / TWO cutting edges and two rows of holes.



Rockwell C Scale 48-49 which is consistent throughout the length of our blades, this ensures a straight wear pattern.



OUR Bottom Blade is manufactured from a spring type steel with high carbon content, chrome/nickel alloys and has a polished finish


Straightness & Thickness:

The dual blade is guaranteed to be perfectly straight and no back lapping is required to seat the bottom blade to the cylinder assuming the cylinder is in good condition. Our blades are 0.118" (3 mm) in thickness and do not vary more than .001" or ¼ mm over the total length of the blade.



The ULTRA DUAL BLADE meets the highest industry requirements and cannot be compared to CHEAP imported or LOCALLY manufactured blades. Our blades are only comparable to the genuine blades.


Money back:

Should the ULTRA BLADE not perform under normal cutting conditions as specified above or have any defect, we offer a full refund or replacement free of charge.

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