Plasson South Africa

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PLASSON’s innovative products revolutionized the way of connecting polyethylene pipes in the 1960’s. We started with fittings for agricultural irrigation and later developed solutions for urban water distribution.

Nowadays, water delivery systems in many of the world’s great cities owe their excellence to PLASSON’s innovative research and development.

PLASSON ensures superior designs and products, the widest range of fittings and adaptors and a genuine commitment to quality, delivery and service.

PLASSON continues to strive for the future environment. By using PLASSON products, you help us to invest in our vision of a world where clean, pure water will be everyone’s birthright.


  • 25mm to 110mm Fittings for PE pipe
  • Conversion & Adaptor Setsfrom PE to Copper / UPVC / PP / Lead / Galvanised Pipe
  • Threaded Outlet Saddles
  • Tapping Saddles & Valves
  • BSP Threaded Fittings
  • Valves
  • Quarter Turn Valves
  • PE Ball Valves
  • Large Diameter Electrofusion Couplers
  • Electrofusion Tooling & Accessories
  • Electrofusion Control Units 
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