Richard Keenan SA (Pty) Ltd

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Our vision is to become leaders in ethical and profitable farming solutions. At the heart of this vision is to drive on-farm productivity and results through maximising feed efficiency. Our responsibility goes beyond the farm gate. We are aware of our role in the food value chain and committed to creating powerful partnerships and benefits throughout the wider food industry. These include delivering greater consistency for processors to producing better quality products for consumers.

We are constantly looking to bring new solutions to our customers and new thinking to our working practices. We actively encourage creativity, innovation and new ideas, both in terms of New Product Development.

We are 100% focused on being a world class company in every aspect and developing leadership positions in all our markets. We encourage leadership skills at every level and benchmark only against the best in the world.


Mech-fiber is a unique ration structure produced exclusively in Keenan diet feeders that has been scientifically proven to produce more stable rumen conditions. This allows greater conversion of feed into meat and milk.