Tree Popper

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The Tree Popper was designed in direct response to the need for eradication of invasive alien plants.

The Tree Popper is a robust, uncomplicated tool that can be used by one person. A simple concept of leverage has been used to ensure the complete removal of unwanted vegetation roots & all, providing a permanent solution to a long standing problem.

Tree Poppers are sold nationally and exported to Australia and the UK.


Tree Popper is a rugged, simple tool that makes it easy to remove invasive/unwanted plants and trees.

  • PRACTICAL - A simple, yet effective, one-person, back-saving implement, used to extract unwanted trees and plants, roots and all.~ PRODUCTIVE - No repetitive clearing in the same area – the perfect tool for follow-up, final clearing.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE - A rugged tool that needs no maintenance at all.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Organic and manual operation with no herbicides, petrol, oil, grease or high-speed blades to cause damage to natural vegetation.
  • ADAPTABLE - The Tree Popper can be used on rocky and inaccessible ground where normal hand tools and mechanical cultivation are impossible.
1. Hook on, close to ground
2. Pull handle
3. Going...
4. Going..
5. Gone!!
6. Done!! Roots & All!!
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Port Jackson
Wattle, 4M High