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Tubestone was founded on core family values such as honesty, integrity and trust. Our employees live by these values every day.Every Tubestone branch operates by means of a first rate telesales department. This means that our friendly and knowledgeable staff are only a phone call away.

Our Tubestone representatives are guaranteed to visit all customers on a regular basis to assist with any queries or requests that might arise, as well as following up on the performance of our products in the field. We invest in every employee and developing experts in every division of the company; pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and are known as one of the best after-care providers in the business.

We deliver our products to our customers doorstep, wherever that may be - from the hustle-and-bustle of the major city centres we operate in, to the middle of the Karoo. No task is too big for our capable, friendly and helpful Tubestone employees. Our staff will always strive to go above and beyond what is expected. 


  • Tubestone supplys a wide range of tyres, tubes, flaps and rims.
  • We also have a Nankang FYWG which protects the customers pocket.
  • We do soil compaction / tractor weight tests to ensure you are getting optimal usage out of your tractor.
  • We provide forklift fitments and constantly strive to bring the best service you can imagine.