Valley Irrigation

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Valley® Irrigation, the global leader in mechanized irrigation equipment and the industry’s authority on advancing irrigation technologies, irrigates approximately 25 million acres worldwide. Valley equipment conserves water, saves time, reduces input costs and increases yields, all while providing access to remotely connect to your irrigation network from any location across the world.

Since pioneering center pivot irrigation in 1954, we’ve helped growers in more than 90 countries conserve water while increasing crop quality and yields – connecting more machines worldwide to provide network autonomy. Our extensive line of innovative equipment, including remote control and irrigation monitoring products, efficiently delivers water, chemicals and fertilizer while reducing energy consumption and runoff.

When your center pivot stops in the heat of a dry summer threatening your crop yield, you can trust that your Valley dealer has the education and technology necessary to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Known for their legendary service, Valley dealers deliver the highest standards of sales and support for your business.