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Aqua Dam

Avoid Water Cuts

With the Hometank by Aquadam you can harvest your rainwater to supplement municipal water and have a backup water supply.

Rainwater harvesting can dramatically reduce costs when using water for irrigation, recycling your pool backwash water, gardening or recycling grey water. 

You can reduce your household dependence on main water systems by 70% with the collection of rainwater from rooftops and a water storage solution. Rainwater is pure and inexpensive and it does not contain harmful contaminants or chemicals. Then why pay for something that is naturally for free…


The Home Tank is an elegant yet practical zincalume rainwater harvesting tank to create a constant water supply. Therefore, conserving and recycling rainwater is now so much easier for the discerning home owner to help manage water with flair.

The harvested rainwater can then be used to irrigate the garden, top up the swimming pool, wash the car, etc. Rainwater is even clean enough to be plumbed into your house with very little extra filtration required. The narrow and round design of the tank is perfect for urban areas where space is a major concern. Unlike traditional tanks, the HomeTank tank will not block walk ways. The HomeTank can be placed against virtually any wall of your house. Simply divert a gutter down pipe directly above the tank’s filter screen to safely collect rainwater from your roof into the water storage tank.


So beautiful, you can’t stop staring

The revolutionary rainwater storage tank was designed primarily to harvest rainwater gathered from any roof structure.

Aquadam’s Hometank range is available in Slimline design from 1500L to 8000L storage capacity,

And in the Round tank design from 1500L to 50 000L storage capacity

Coated Steel will Last Longer


The modern steel rainwater harvesting tank has some unique outstanding features with some major benefits over tanks built with alternative materials:


The strength of steel tanks ensures that they will not deteriorate over time under the harsh South African sun, as it may with other materials. Additional corrosion protection from a long-life polymer coating on the inside of the tank walls and base prevents the growth of algae and bacteria.


It can easily hold the large forces generated by tons of water without stretching or bulging.

Many customers agree that a steel tank option is much more aesthetically pleasing than the polyethylene tank options and this is why it is the choice of tank for many architects when designing a water harvesting system.

The difference between steel and poly/plastic rainwater tanks are that a steel rainwater tank is 100% UV-proof, ensuring that steel rainwater tanks will not degrade in sunlight. Plastic or polyethylene rainwater tanks are affected by ultraviolet light and can break down over time, losing both strength and their colour.






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