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Early Yielding and Attractive New Cape Blush Pear Rosy-Lwazi Dazzles Export Market

South Africa’s 2022/2023 deciduous fruit season delivered something special to the market this January, a brand new very early red blush pear cultivar trademarked as Rosy-Lwazi. The variety has been bred locally by the Agricultural Research Counsel (ARC) and commercialised by Culdevco.

Rosy-Lwazi expands South Africa’s blush pear cultivar range and widens the marketing window as it is now the earliest blush pear available on the market, which means early access overseas and therefore, better prices.


Earliest blush pear to export market

Culdevco’s GM Mishkaat Anderson said, “As this variety is harvested so early in the season it will be the first red blushed pear from South Africa to reach the overseas consumer. According to our northern hemisphere market evaluations in the previous season, all indications are that its gorgeous red blush colour, great quality and taste, and long shelf life will do exceptionally well in these markets.  

“Rosy-Lwazi really is a quality pear, crisp and delicious with no mealiness in the mouth,” Anderson said.


A long journey to ensure quality

This blush pear variety began its journey in 2007 when it was singled out by an ARC breeder, Taaibos Human, as a potentially profitable cultivar. Sixteen years later, in the first week of January 2023, the first Rosy-Lwazi was harvested at Eselfontein farm just outside Ceres in the Western Cape.

Culdevco joined the Eselfontein manager, Vernon Bassett, in the Warm Bokkeveld to begin the first commercial harvest of the variety. “It is always very rewarding to experience a harvest day,” said Bassett. “This day symbolises all the years of effort and finally, we can reap the benefits of the fruit.”

“We initially planted over 500 trees in 2018 and anticipate that, as our tree volume grows, we can increase our tonnage per hectare. This year we harvested 28 tons for export and we anticipate that we will reach the recommended tonnage of 55 to 60 tons per hectare in the near future. This season was our second year of exporting Rosy-Lwazi.

“It’s an attractive and adaptable early variety for the producer as the harvest coincides with very little volumes of red blushed pears being available in the northern hemisphere marketing window. At that window, profitable prices are achievable if quality blush pears can be exported to these countries. And Rosy-Lwazi shines when it comes to its attractive red blush, earliness, flavour, texture and storage ability,” Bassett said.

The 2021/2022 season saw the first export harvest for the new blush pear variety and the fruit made its way to the Middle East and Europe where it was very well received.  


Culdevco and the ARC deliver exceptional fruit cultivars to SA and export markets

Culdevco is focused on keeping the homegrown advantage for the South African deciduous fruit producer and industry. Its partnership with the ARC ensures unique and robust cultivars continue to make a significant impact on the industry and their latest offering, the novel Rosy-Lwazi blush pear, is set to be their latest success story.

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Early Yielding and Attractive New Cape Blush Pear Rosy-Lwazi Dazzles Export Market