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Start your Adventure Today & Live your Dreams with Bushwakka Africa

Start Your Adventure Today With Bushwakka Africa

Engineered to last in rough conditions

All our products are built for African conditions. Client feedback through the years help us tweak our existing and new product ranges so they do not let you down when the going gets tough.


More than 20 years experience

The company has grown and matured over the past 20 years and besides trailers and off-road caravans, we also make many other related products serving the outdoor leisure industry.


High standard customer service

Our mission is to serve you, our client. Through many years of accumulative experience and client feedback, we are able to ensure that our products meet all your expectations.


Quality products without compromise

Experience is knowledge, knowledge is improvement, improvement is what sets us above the rest. Become part of a group of like-minded individuals with a common interest – Bushwakka!


Bushwakka Africa manufacturers 4×4 Off-Road camping trailers and caravans for the local and global markets. Focusing on quality, not quantity, Bushwakka Africa ensures that a high standard of Value-Added service to the client is maintained.


We build the lightest, the toughest and the best off-road camping trailers in the world. Engineered not to let you down when the going gets tough, and our trailers are backed by an unbeatable 100% after-sales service.

We also offer a full range of quality Bushwakka 4*4 vehicle camping accessories.


Kamelback Camper Conversion

Set Up Camp In Minutes, Anywhere You Choose!

The Kamelback Camper Conversion allows customers to go further off-road without worrying about the wheels of their caravan or trailer getting stuck.

This new camper conversion from Bushwakka is perfect for those who want to downsize from caravanning but still love camping in nature.

Bushwakka took the time period during COVID-19 to brainstorm a new concept and idea to wow their clientele, and the Kamelback Conversion was born.


Bushwakka 4x4 Fitment Centre

Custom Products & Accessories

Besides off-road trailers, Bushwakka manufacture other outdoor products, including roof racks, roof rack awnings, and accessories, drawer systems, canvas canopies, rooftop tents, bumper replacement, bash plates, and suspension systems.


Used 4x4 Off-Road Trailers For Sale,


Karoo Bush Camp Van Wyksdorp

It is a place on the bank of the Groot River. One hundred and fifty meters wide, rarely in flood and grown to reed, the river supports large areas of Acacia Karoo trees, some of which provide good shade.  Grassed to the edge of the reeds the two main camps are facilitated with two long drops, two flush toilets, and four showers with hot and cold potable water.

  • The first camp has a splash pool especially useful for bikers in hot weather. The far side of the Groot is bordered by Bokkeveld koppies giving a good sense of the Klein Karoo especially in the moonlight.
  • There are two restaurants in the village and odd things to see along its dirt roads.
  • For those who really like to walk there is the Rooiberg Nature Reserve with its pristine views high in the Rooiberg foothills from where the village gets its fresh water. Otters have made their home where the Sand River enters the Groot near the end of the last camp.


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Start your Adventure Today & Live your Dreams with Bushwakka Africa