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AGRIFOODSA.INFO Agricultural and Foods Industries Business Directory - Farming Suppliers

Looking for the chicken but still beaten by the egg? Look no further as the answers to all of your enquiries are now available in one place.

AGRIFOODSA offers the most comprehensive directory, marketplace, news platforms and online community to the South African agricultural and secondary industries. Find all of the biggest names nationally and all the best kept secrets locally, now available in one place.

The project originated in 2012 as a solution to the huge need in the agricultural and food industry an industry-specific online marketing platform, and the entire project proudly powered by MES Consultants South Africa in its entirety.

If your feet and fingers are tattered and torn, trying to obtain information that you urgently need for your home or business, we have good news for you: There is an easier way!

AGRIFOODSA.INFO Agricultural and Foods Industries Business Directory - sa farming directory
For the User

To search for an agricultural or food-related supplier, producer or agent can be time-consuming and frustrating. Google is too big for its boots and our poor fingers are tired of walking through the Yellow Pages. The outcome is endless, ensuring that the age-old question about the chicken and the egg will never be answered.

We offer the solution.

Browse through our curated list of categories to find anything from breeders' societies, tractor spares and transportation services, to packaging companies, refrigeration and information on animal health.

AGRIFOODSA.INFO - Search for Agricultural and Foods Industries Business

To business owners, agencies and organizations operating in the agricultural and food sectors, we offer an exciting and cost effective opportunity for online advertising in South Africa not to be missed.

With a variety of online advertising space, listings in a broad selection of categories, printed media, digital marketing, branding and extensive social media promotion, AGRIFOODSA will ensure local and global exposure.

Contact our expert advertising consultants to discuss your specific marketing needs, and get your business connected to SA... just a click away!