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Whether you enjoy popcorn as a movie theatre treat or as an everyday snack, the cultivation of their seeds has many applications. Popcorn is an extravaganza in itself. It is one of the healthiest snacks on the market when no fat is added and minimal salt.

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Being conscious of over-planting should be a priority for all farmers as this leads to unnecessary extended seed costs. Ag Leader provides innovative technology that puts farmers in control of how much seed they want to plant.

Agricultural food storage


The improper storage of feed can cause serious damage to your agricultural animals. To avoid these dangers you should invest in proper storage methods and equipment. This way, food stays fresh and animals remain well fed and happy.

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Farmers opt to store and mill agricultural produce at commercial facilities. Nowadays, with innovation from leading companies and small investments by farmers, farmers operating on a small to medium scale can  select alternate storing and milling solutions themselves.


The effects that the drought has had on farmers and their crop production is more severe than a city dweller can imagine. Even though some dams have filled up from rainfall, it will still take a long time for crop production to reach the quantity and quality it used to boast.