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Supplied by Netafim South Africa Whether open-field vegetable production is the main farming activity, or a secondary farming activity aimed at ensuring active cash flow, efficiency is key to profitability. Irrigation is one of several aspects that will contribute to success in vegetable fields if efficient irrigation can be ensured.
The World Farmers’ Organisation agreed to report Saai’s family farmer resolution against farm killings and the poor security situation in the South African countryside to the United Nations.
John Hudson, Head of Agriculture at Nedbank Commercial Banking South Africa (SA) is in the enviable position of being a net exporter of agricultural products. Aside from the obvious contribution this makes to SA’s GDP and job creation, this, combined with excellent local production and 2 prior years of record exports, are the main reasons why SA has been able to ensure food security and curb food price inflation compared to the rest of the world.
Transformasie van die landbousektor is nie so eenvoudig nie. Mens kan nie bloot 'n stuk grond oorhandig en die begunstigdes aansê om te begin boer nie. Suksesvolle transformasie behels 'n komplekse interkonneksie van talle kritieke faktore, waarsonder landbou-ondernemings waarskynlik sal misluk.
Strong and vital seedlings, shiny and saturaterd-colored leaves, developed canopy and rapid yield – these are just a few of the results reported by avocado growers in Western Galilee, Israel, who fertilize young groves with Multicote™ Agri.
For millennia, the process of farming has remained unchanged, making it seem utterly absurd to envision cultivating organic plants without the use of soil. However, Zandile Kumalo is among the many farmers who have embraced the possibility of soil-less farming. As the CEO and Co-founder of the first Smart Vertical Hydroponic farm, she can attest to the potential of this cutting-edge technology in agriculture.
A recent plum cultivar information day at Culdevco’s head office in Stellenbosch was well attended by growers, exporters and nurseries. The Agricultural Research Council (ARC) bred varieties such as Ruby Sun, African Delight®, Ruby Star, African Rose® and Flavour Star are currently South Africa’s top cultivars and they have grown from 32% of the export market in 2020/2021 to 50% in 2022/2023.
Landbou is 'n komplekse besigheid wat deur verskeie uitdagings geraak word. Baie van dié uitdagings is buite produsente se beheer, en dit is duidelik dat alle belanghebbendes saam moet werk om hierdie uitdagings die hoof te bied. Samewerking het beslis 'n rimpeleffek en versterk almal se pogings om beter resultate te lewer.
Opinion Piece: Cultivating Success: How BPO Partnerships Can Boost Efficiency And Protect Profitability In Farming By Tennille Bell, General Manager of Sales at Programmed Process Outsourcing (PPO)
Nova Feeds has been providing nutritional solutions for over five decades. Our foundations are built upon partnering with generations of farmers, understanding their unique specie requirements and formulating feed solutions that are the most nutritional for farming success.
Learn how to care for your solar panels and ensure they remain in top shape with these solar panel cleaning tips!
Ons is almal bekend met die konsep van massa-balans en energiebalans. Enige biologiese sisteem, insluitende ons eie liggame bestaan uit ‘n massablans en energiebalans. In gewasverbouing fokus ons baie energie en koste op die massabalans deel van die plant se behoeftes; die in-balans bring van die grond en/of groeimedium in terme van nutriënte en ander toepaslike aspekte
The Motor Industry Ombudsman of South Africa (MIOSA) is an ombud scheme accredited in terms of Section 82 of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008 (CPA).
Verbeel jou dat ‘n vrugte boom die vermoe het om besproeiings krane oop te maak, die pompe aan te skakel en self die regte hoeveelheid water te gee wat benodig word en daarna weer die krane toemaak en die pomp afskakel sonder dat die produsent teenwoordig is.  AECI Plant Health werk saam met Supplant, ‘n Israeliese maatskappy het die kode gekraak en ‘n kunsmatige intellegensie sisteem genaamd “Growth Based Irrigation (GBI)” ontwikkel.  GBI is die eerste kommersiele besproeiing sisteem wat ten volle ge-automatieseerd is en tydig reageer op die plant se behoeftes
Farming in South Africa is being hobbled by power cuts and poor roads. Rural towns are being hit hardest. South Africa’s agriculture has had great consecutive seasons since 2019/20. The sector’s gross value added grew by 14.9% in 2020, 8.8% in 2021 and modestly by 0.3% in 2022 . This was primarily supported by favourable weather conditions.
THE SYSTEM IS DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE ALL FARMERS, SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE The overall initial evaluation is done completely free of charge and is usually completed within 2-4 days.
A leather Chelsea safety boot is a convenient slip-on style safety boot with an elasticized ankle gusset, a pull tab at the back of the boot, and a metal-free toe cap.
Curious about the future of agriculture? Learn more about natural and sustainable methods that are helping farmers achieve success in a changing world.

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