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Crop protection is one thing, but innovative crop protection is constantly evolving to stay ahead of problems that may arise. With populations growing we cannot afford to lose food in production to pests and pestilence. Dow Agrosciences and the like are working to minimise this.


Agriculture in South Africa is driven by agricultural machinery to a large extent, but there is something vital that often lies forgotten underneath it all. Just as the human body needs veins to carry blood, our agricultural sector needs reliable pipes to keep things flowing!


There is a common misconception both in and around agriculture in South Africa that farming is a primitive practice, and that farmers are still using tools like animal-drawn ploughs. This is a total misunderstanding because there is so much more to modern agricultural machinery.

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Dairy is a staple in many diets, and dairy farms are important due to the fact that they form part of a whole dedicated food industry. Agricultural machinery is available to streamline the process of collecting dairy.

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Agriculture in South Africa is no joke. It takes a lot of heavy lifting and near back-breaking work to get everything that needs to be done completed on time. Before we had machinery this was done by farm workers and some work animals.