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Rolfes Group is an innovative, solution-driven chemical specialist provider, established in 1998 as AgChem Africa (Pty) Ltd. On 7 December 2017 it was announced that the holding company’s name would be adopted and was changed from AgChem Africa (Pty) Ltd to Rolfes Agri (Pty) Ltd.

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For famers who are looking for modern and smart solutions for complete crop management and efficiency, intelligent precision farming might be the way to go. Using an intelligent farming system, farmers across South Africa can start revolutionising the agricultural industry.


Om suksesvol te boer is nie altyd maklik nie maar landbou is lekker, uitdagend en elke dag is daar iets nuuts. Meeste produsente sal saamstem dat die 2018/2019 seisoen glad nie uitgespeel het soos wat voorspel is nie.

 Agrifood SA_What Are the Risks Associated with Power Outages on Your Farm


The various risks that are presented by power outages in South Africa are unique when it comes to the agricultural industry. Due to these risks, farmers have started turning to off-grid solutions, such as generators equipped with a fuel management system, for effective risk management.

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Certain building materials used on farms in South Africa which could be causing an increase in carbon footprint and minimum energy efficient properties. Here’s how polystyrene manufacturers in South Africa are challenging the status quo and offering an eco-friendly alternative.