Fertilizer Chemicals and Their Role in Modern Agriculture


The use of fertilizer chemicals as agricultural products has been a part of the reality of farming for thousands of years. Where early farmers used manure and wood ash, modern agriculture has refined this process.

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Farming in South Africa is a booming industry with many reputable suppliers, producers and sellers. Visiting an agricultural product directory can help you find exactly what you are looking for, especially with niche market products.


How much of your agricultural machinery does not make use of hydraulics? The fact of the matter is that hydraulics is a vital aspect of farming in South Africa today, so having access to spare machinery and parts is essential. In case you’re not convinced, have a look at this:

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The efforts of animal genetics research in agriculture are all in the name of finding a way to feed the ever-growing population. With the global population said to reach an estimated 9 billion by 2050 a solution needs to be found, and it could lie in animal genetics.


Electricity is an essential resource in modern farming in South Africa (and globally), so having a stable supply is important. With the recent load-shedding in our country and other problems that interrupt electrical supply, there is one solution that all farms need: generators.