In order to ensure that future generations of cows come from good genes, and that the farm runs on schedule, cattle breeding management is a process that cattle farmers cannot afford to be without. Using cattle breeding equipment will ensure that this is controlled and planned according to a schedule, rather than heifers giving birth at random.


Agriculture, whether on a small or large scale, is an imperative cog in society’s machine. Farming in South Africa not only provides the nation with produce, it allows for more job opportunities and contributes to foreign exchange via exporting.


A logistics company covers most tasks involved in the world of transportation. They cover the planning, implementation and controlling of getting supplies from one point to a desired destination. Their services also include the storage of these supplies if required by the client.  Transportation is achieved across all mediums: road, rail, air and sea. 


Who said that growing produce was only a job for farmers? Growing your own garden can be accomplished with proper resources, a little patience, and the right equipment.


As the world scuttles to contain which is probably the greatest global crisis of our lifetime, the question bodes how we as a company will respond to this reality.  In the recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit the whole world we have to stay positive in these trying times.  Businesses are taking financial strain and the weakening of the ZAR to the USD also hampers business.