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Agrifood SA_Want Tipper Trucks for Sale in South Africa

Looking at Tipper Trucks for Sale? Or Tank Trucks? Find the Truck You Need Here


When looking for tank or tipper trucks for sale in Gauteng, or elsewhere in South Africa, you should be sure of what type of truck you need before embarking on your search. There is a plethora of trucks of all different kinds in South Africa, each with their own uses and advantages.

Tipper Trucks

If you’re looking for tipper trucks for sale, you’re probably in the market for something to haul loads for construction or farming projects with an easy to use “tipping” mechanism. You would therefore be correct in your search. Tipper trucks are typically hinged at the rear with a hydraulic mechanism designed to lift the front for effortless depositing of loads such as sand, gravel or rubble.

Tank Trucks

Tank trucks, or “tankers”, are trucks that are made to haul liquid, dry bulk or gas loads to be transported safely across long distances. In the agricultural industry, tank trucks can be used for a range of liquid goods such as molasses, milk, wine, or water. It is best to transport liquid goods in tank trucks as they will be kept contained and safe during travel.

Curtain Sided Truck

A curtain sided truck is designed for safe transport as well as for fast and efficient loading and unloading. The curtains have runners on the top and bottom along the sides of the truck, the sides can then be drawn for unloading, and also made taut for transport. These trucks have also been made with forklifts in mind as they can be easily used to offload stock from the truck.

Looking for Curtain Sided, Tank or Tipper Trucks for Sale in South Africa?

If you’re looking for curtain sided, tank or tipper trucks for sale in Gauteng, or across South Africa, we will make it easy for you. With listings such as ZA Truck & Trailers, we have the businesses you need to find great deals on a variety of assets, from vehicles to farming equipment, our directory has it all.


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