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Do You Know How Flow Aids Help Farmers

Think about this: how often have you or a farming supplier you know been slowed down by bulk solids not flowing? That’s where mechanisation implements for flow aid come in, providing farmers with an efficient and safe way to shake up and move materials as needed.

Save your equipment


One area where farmers pay in terms of time and effort is when moving material from hopper trailers or trucks. You want to get as much material out as quickly as possible, which saves time and money. But some material gets stuck, and many farming suppliers resort to striking the equipment with a hammer to shake as much as possible loose.


By installing vibrators on this equipment you have a means of shaking the material loose without damaging your equipment. This flow aid device will ensure that there is sufficient vibration to move the materials smoothly and efficiently, reducing wasted materials and minimising wear and tear on your mechanisation implements.

Save your time


While preserving your equipment is a great future investment, you also want to achieve immediate benefits and profits using said equipment. By using the correct vibrators on your equipment you are ensured an efficient flow that gets your product out as quickly as possible. That means less time between stages in the process, which is especially vital if you are moving material for animal nutrition. The main benefit, though, is being able to get down to business as soon as possible.

Save your staff


Your life and that of your farm workers make up invaluable assets to your business. And farming is a more dangerous occupation than many realise, especially when you have people trying to shake grain loose from a silo. Many people have died in avalanches of grain or sinking into the grains like quicksand. But by using vibrators you won’t need to send anybody into harm’s way like that again.

Find the right mechanisation implements


Professional assistance is the way to go in making sure you get the equipment you need. Oli SA has been manufacturing vibrators and flow aid devices for various industries for many years, and they bring to South Africa the quality of a worldwide brand as well. So be sure to look them up.

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