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Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation Equipment Supplies in South Africa

Modern farms rely heavily on irrigation equipment and supplies, and it’s important to source the right irrigation supplies for effective operation. With the right method, and the correct irrigation equipment, farmers will be able to maintain a sustainable farm, even if they are far from any sources of water or if there is limited rainfall. Experienced irrigation equipment suppliers will assist with the best equipment, and can offer professional planning to optimise resources.


Irrigation Equipment Suppliers: What They Can Offer

Irrigation equipment suppliers provide tools and devices that can be used in the design, maintenance, and repair of irrigation systems. They can also assist with expansion. Irrigation equipment is generally sold under various main categories.

  • Drip and Underground Irrigation Tools
  • Repair and Accessory Tools
  • Sprinklers
  • Hoses
  • Irrigation Timers


Drip Irrigation Tools

Drip irrigation tools work together to control the exact flow of the dripping. The tools associated with drip irrigation include connectors, piping and sprinklers.

Underground Irrigation Tools

These tools include items such as pop-up heads and sprinklers, irrigation timers and sprayers. The underground irrigation system is the most popular of all the types of irrigation, being one that works for lawns, flower gardens, and vegetable gardens of all sizes.

Repair and Accessory Tools

Irrigation equipment such as garden hose repair parts, watering cans and their nozzles, and hose carts fall under this category. Although these are not high-tech pieces of irrigation supplies like timers and pop-up heads, they are still very useful and important when a plant requires additional water while the rest flourish. Without tools such as adapters, and quick fixes such as the hose mend, the average system would not function properly. Lack of adequate tools or repair products could quickly turn any system into an inconvenience to maintain or high cost to repair, especially if left too long.


Irrigation Supplies Pretoria

There are many irrigation companies in and around Pretoria that specialise in a variety of irrigation tools, as well as other agricultural supplies, plants and other accessories. Deciding on which irrigation system your operation requires will be largely based on your goals. There are other factors to keep in mind too. These include:

  • Water source: You may not have the means to install a drip irrigation system, as your water source may be too far from where you are planting your crop. It’s important to understand how the distance from your water source will affect your system and choose the right one that will help your crop thrive.
  • Budget: Some irrigation systems will be pricier than others, so budget will be a big consideration. Expansion may always take place in the future if you hope to grow your operation or change your irrigation type completely – keep your goal in mind and start with what you can fit into your budget.
  • Crops being grown: No crop is going to be the same or have the same requirements. Growing vegetables is vastly different from growing flowers – so you’ll need to consider the needs of your crops to ensure that the right irrigation system is used.
  • Setup and convenience: Small and large crops will require different levels of time and effort. An irrigation system is there to provide convenience and maximum efficiency, as well as resource-saving, so your choice needs to reflect the best possible way to achieve optimal performance.


Many irrigation suppliers offer expert advice for different operations. For irrigation needs and other agricultural equipment and supplies, visit our directory.


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