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How Do Polystyrene Manufacturers Contribute To Eco-Friendly Agricultural Practices?

Certain building materials used on farms in South Africa which could be causing a steep increase in carbon footprint and minimum energy efficient properties. Here’s how polystyrene manufacturers in South Africa are challenging the status quo and offering an eco-friendly alternative.

Exceptional Insulation

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) offers exceptional insulation properties which far surpass that of other popular building materials. Due to this material’s high insulation qualities, EPS has become the perfect solution for use in underfloor, between-floor and roofing applications for continued high insulation value.

Eco-Friendly and Green

There are a few reasons as to why EPS is such an eco-friendly and green alternative for agricultural enterprises wishing to decrease their carbon footprint. EPS is lightweight, recyclable, and contains no CFC’s (chlorofluorocarbons) and is therefore considered as an ozone-friendly material.

Cost-Effective Material

EPS, made by polystyrene manufacturers, is used as an alternative to many other building materials used for agricultural applications, including:

  • Chicken houses
  • Farms sheds
  • Workshops
  • Warehousing, and more.

EPS as a building material is also much more cost effective than other alternatives, with many benefits and energy efficient properties.

Looking for Polystyrene Suppliers in Gauteng?

Looking for polystyrene suppliers in Gauteng, or anywhere in South Africa, for more cost-effective, eco-friendly building material alternatives? Make use of a proudly South African company like Technopol SA. As South Africa’s largest agricultural directory, we can introduce you to energy saving material suppliers across the country.

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