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Illuminating Agriculture: LED Agricultural Products

The use of LED lighting and Solar LED lighting in the agricultural industry is growing. This is good news because they are energy saving and much better for the environment than sharp bulbs that use more power and don’t last half as long.

Solar Powered LED for Agriculture

With the introduction of solar-powered LEDs in agriculture, it’s even greener than before. Plots of land being used to grow crops or raise animals are often several hectares across. These areas are generally rural and lighting is limited unless owners are willing to shell out big money on lighting.

When farmers in South Africa opt to use LED lights for these applications they are saving on the kilowatts they are using every day. This may seem like a lot of effort for a minor change, but you’d be wrong because simply by replacing regular bulbs with LED ones you will already be saving a ton of cash.

Adding the element of solar energy to the equation means even more savings on kilowatts and cash. By harnessing the sun’s solar energy you can lay out LED lights fitted with solar panels which absorb energy throughout the day to keep the LED lights shining brightly at night.

LED Lights for Indoor Farming

Using LED lights has proven very effective when used with agricultural machinery for indoor farming. In a nutshell, all you need to do is replicate the amount of light they would be exposed to outside to yield similar results.

You can waste artificial light energy though. Plants can only absorb so much naturally, so for the most effective lighting, it needs to be adjusted to the plant’s natural photosynthetic receptors. A plant’s ability to absorb light is fixed, so leaving the lights on longer than necessary to “boost” the plant’s growth is ill-advised and will just end up costing you money.

You should regularly test your system to ensure you are using just enough light, water and nutrients, without exceeding a responsible kilowatt limit, while still yielding a healthy crop.

If you wish to reap the benefits of this amazing evolution in crop growth and animal nutrition while spending less money on energy, find the LED solution that works for you. Soon business will be booming for agriculture in South Africa.

Contact us with any more questions or to see what other agricultural products are available.

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