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AgrifoodSA_Agri Tanks and Dam Linings in South Africa

Water Storage Solutions: Agri Tanks and Dam Linings in South Africa


In order to run a farm, water planning is an essential part of determining welfare, productivity, and profitability. With products, such as zinc water storage tanks and dam linings in South Africa, we have access to a range of water storage solutions, right at our fingertips.

Successful Farm Water Planning in South Africa

To plan for both an annual and daily basis, the knowledge of your farm’s stock drinking water requirements and existing sources of water is important to research. This research will enable you to reach the goal of having the water you need, when you need it. The following points are essential to your farm water planning:

  • Knowledge of total water requirements
  • Determining the cost of storages required (zinc tanks or dam linings prices)
  • Designing and implementing storage solutions
  • Determining how long these stored supplies will last during a draught

Your water storage solutions will be dependent on the unique water requirements of your farm, as well as your budget. Research the exact specifications of your farm’s water needs as well as tank and dam lining prices that are suitable for your budget.

Finding Dam Linings and Zinc Dams for Sale in South Africa

To find cost-effective dam lining solutions and zinc dams for sale in South Africa, have a look at South Africa’s comprehensive agricultural directory on AGRIFOODSA. Farmers can find dynamic and robust water storage solutions for irrigation, consumption, and reuse systems, as well as successful water capturing solutions that will leverage the collection of rainfall during wetter seasons.

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