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Harbot Agro Pilot "With Eyes And AI" Will Enter the South African Market This Spring

The Harbot Agro Pilot technology is the world's first system that, using a modified deep learning neural network tailored for agricultural tasks, "sees" and "understands" the types and positions of objects in motion, transmitting the necessary commands for maneuvers.


A harvester with an AI-based autopilot system, like a human, perceives the crop and harvests precisely where needed. This significantly differentiates the technology from parallel driving systems widely represented in the international market, which are "blind" and carry high incident risks, especially in areas with unstable signals.


The system does not rely on GPS navigation for control. The AI-based autopilot can operate autonomously, based on the objective situation, avoiding issues associated with GPS positioning inaccuracies and eliminating the need for installing dedicated base stations. This results in savings of up to R27 000 per unit of equipment compared to systems relying on GPS navigation and requiring subscriptions to paid services. Moreover, Harbot Agro Pilot utilizes the light from the combine's headlights for nighttime work, significantly reducing harvesting duration.

The Harbot Agro Pilot autopilot becomes the eyes and brain of the farmer in the field, increasing efficiency. "The bull grows under the owner's eyes." - Ilya Shkabara, CEO of Harbot FZCO.

"The South Africa agro-market today is one of the most dynamic and attractive globally for implementing mutually beneficial business projects. Faced with limited planting areas, local farmers are seeking any opportunities to increase equipment efficiency, and robotics, according to experts, is the best among them." - Ilya Shkabara, CEO of Harbot FZCO.


The international experience of industrial use of Harbot Agro Pilot suggests that the system helps:

Reduce harvesting time by up to 25%

Decrease crop losses by up to 13%

Lower fuel consumption by up to 5%

Increase operator output by up to 25%

Eliminate collisions with other vehicles, trees, or structures in 100% of cases.


This allows for increased profits starting from the first season of autopilot use. The Harbot Agro Pilot operator can entrust vehicle management to a robotic assistant, focusing on monitoring harvest quality.

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