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Grain Storage And Milling

Choosing Suitable Equipment For Grain Storage And Milling

Farmers often opt to store and mill agricultural produce at commercial facilities. Nowadays, with innovation from leading companies and small investments by farmers, farmers operating on a small to medium scale can take it upon themselves to select alternate storing and milling solutions. Farming supplier ABC Hansen Africa has made this possible. Whilst focusing primarily on large-scale grain storage, the company boasts an impressive range of small and medium-scale equipment as a solution to storage and milling.

Grain storage

Farmers usually have several options: they can deliver their crops immediately to millers or processors, use silo bags, erect their own silos or make use of commercial off-farm silos. Using commercial off-farm silos is problematic for various reasons. Silos in the respective farmers’ areas might be occupied or leased

to large food corporations which leaves local farmers with the dilemma of having to store their crops far away. An alternative is that farmers are forced to sell crops to large corporations and this happens on the corporations’ terms.   

However with ABC Hansen Africa’s silos, farmers can decide what happens to their crops and their investments. Erecting their own silos allows farmers to sell to the customers of their choosing, speed up the harvesting process and generally to be placed in a position where they can exercise control over their own businesses. 

Milling equipment

With a range of hammer mills and small roller mills, small and medium-scale milling requirements can be fulfilled. ABC Hansen supplies milling equipment for operations of all sizes. Systems which mill at 200kg to 500kg per hour are designed and installed by ABC Group subsidiary company Hippo, which runs its own manufacturing programme in Pretoria. Equipment designed and manufactured by ABC Hansen for medium-scale operations can mill 1 000kg to 2 500kg produce per hour.

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