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Quadro Alloys’ Top Class Extruders, Hammer Mills And Feed Plants


Quadro Alloys Trading Enterprise is a company specialising in the manufacture and design of extruders, hammer mills, feed plants and other related fabrication of equipment serving the African and international market in the food and agricultural sector.

Food extrusion is a form of extrusion used in food processing. It is a process by which a set of mixed ingredients are forced through an opening in a perforated plate or die with a design specific to the food, and is then cut to a specified size by blades. The extruder consists of a large, rotating screw tightly fitting within a stationary barrel, at the end of which is the die.

Food products manufactured using extrusion usually include some pasta, breads (crotons, bread sticks and flat breads), many breakfast cereals and ready-to-eat snacks, confectionery, pre-made cookie dough, some baby foods, full-fat soy, textured vegetable protein, some beverages and dry and semi-moist pet foods.

Extrusion in particular is a processing process seed in the food and agricultural sector that is particularly suitable for Africa as it is a relatively inexpensive, energy-efficient and easily operated method to produce a wide range of animal feeds, including fish food, pet food, horse and ruminant animal, chicken and pig feed and our latest development for the processing of crocodile feed.

Extrusion is also environmentally friendly as it produces minimal waste products. There are also multiple other applications in extrusion technology that include quality food for the hungry, saving energy through pre-cooking foods; as well as job creation.

Quadro Alloys Trading Enterprise has an experienced team and is able to provide specialised designs to cater for your specific business needs from the larger industrial and agricultural sector as well as for the small emerging farmer.

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