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Enhancing Agricultural Performance By Unlocking Nature's Potential

Nulandis is a South African company within the AECI Group of Companies serving the agricultural sector with pride. Nulandis has been an ally to farmers in Africa for many years, and with the move towards sustainable agriculture, Nulandis with its NuWay™ programmed, and its extensive range of products and services, aims to work with farmers to preserve our natural resources, restore soil biology and address the need for producing nutritious food.


Agriculture worldwide is under pressure to reduce pesticide and fertilizer usage whilst increasing crop yields to feed a growing world population. There is now a move away from the total reliance on traditional chemicals and synthetic fertilizers towards a more responsible and sustainable approach of cultivating crops that protects the environment and its precious resources.


Our approach is to work hand in hand with the farmer to systematically address each point of influence in the growing of crops in a sustainable and responsible manner.  Many of the tools and techniques simply unlock nature’s potential and the genetic potential of the crop.


Our mission is: ‘Enhancing agricultural performance by ‘unlocking nature’s potential’.


Nulandis is committed to achieving their mission by:


Adding value through GROWER CENTRICITY




Ensuring well balanced PRODUCT PORTFOLIO







Nature has subsisted for millennia without the need for human intervention in the growing of plants. However, the intensification of crop production and the desire to use softer products in the management of pests and crop quality has spawned a renewed focus on understanding and exploiting components of soil biology in mainstream agriculture. Soilborne organisms can work in symbiotic, mutualistic or parasitic relationship with one another and these properties are used to the benefit of crop production. We are now on a journey to unlock nature’s potential to improve our agricultural system as we know it today.



At Nulandis, we look into the science and management of weeds, crop diseases and pests that damage and inhibit plant growth. Our crop protection range assists in the production of higher quality crops that produce greater yields.



Balanced plant nutrition is required for all agricultural crops so that nutrient deficiencies do not negatively affect quality and yield. To ensure that your crop reaches its potential, it needs various nutritional elements at different stages of development. Macro elements (N, P and K), secondary elements (Ca, Mg and S) and micro elements (Fe, Mn, B, Mo, Cu, Co and Cl) are all required in differing quantities by different crops. Our nutritional products are formulated to comprise these nutrients in specific ratios to address the crop’s requirements.


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Nulandis is a South African company within the AECI Group of Companies serving the agricultural sector with pride