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Hydrating Made Easier With Stainless Steel Water Bottles In South Africa

The human body is made up of 60% water and water consumption is required for the body to function successfully. Everyone should concern themselves with hydrating properly, especially farmers, who spend the majority of their time in harsh heat. Stainless steel water bottles in South Africa could be a sustainable, safe solution.

Don’t wait; Hydrate!

Farmworkers should be taught from early on that hydration is essential on the farm. This is especially true in summer months when the heat is harsh, and when work is particularly physically demanding. Heatstroke and dehydration are dangerous but, luckily, can be easily avoided.

By educating and enforcing hydration safety in the agricultural sector, farmers can ensure the protection of everyone involved in South Africa’s farming communities.

There are companies that take these communities into consideration and come up with handy solutions to alleviate hydration issues. Stainless steel water bottles in South Africa are one of these solutions.

How Atlasware Flasks Can Help

Atlasware is designed to be robust enough to handle the harsh conditions of the everyday agricultural working lifestyle. Made with convenience in mind, they can be chosen in multiple different sizes (500ml, 1l, 700ml and 2l) to be taken anywhere. Plus, Atlasware flasks are made with high tensile stainless steel that will never rust, are environmentally friendly and are BPA free certified.

Best of all, the insulating layers allow for the Atlasware flasks to keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for to 18 hours. That means it’s perfect for every season on the farm. Everyone working on a farm or far from a direct water source should use stainless steel water bottles in South Africa to ensure they have water within reach at all times.

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