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Lemaitre: Maxeco Press Release

Lemaitre celebrates its 10 millionth pair of Maxeco safety boots sold!

For 30 years, Maxeco has helped build a nation with the world's toughest workforce. Across construction sites, mines, farms and factories, over 10 million pairs have helped realise the dream of a stronger South Africa by protecting the millions of workers who built it. Now that’s a beautiful thing!

Lemaitre Safety Footwear first came into the South African market towards the end of 1990, launching the first ever dual density direct injection safety footwear manufactured in South Africa – the Maxeco safety boot.  Little did they know at the time that 30 years later they would be celebrating the 10 millionth pair sold of that original style and clearly the no. 1 sold safety footwear style in the history of South Africa.

That is 10 million pairs on the feet of the workforce across Southern Africa and being a part of building South Africa’s economy and driving industry forward.


Rather than call-out any single purchaser or wearer of the 10 millionth pair, Lemaitre acknowledges that none of it would have been possible without the support of our distribution network and our valued South African workforce over all these years. Thank you for being a part of our journey and choosing the safety boot that has shown the same all-round utility and resilient grit of those working in our footwear on a daily basis.

Particularly over this period of celebrating our 30th anniversary, our distributors have been incredibly supportive in helping push the sales of Maxeco over that 10 million mark.

In South Africa, Lemaitre has always put the wearer of our boots at the forefront of what we do, and everyone that works on a pair of Lemaitre boots understands their role in keeping the wearer safe, comfortable and productive.  From one worker to another – we thank you all for the support over the passed years and for many more to come.


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