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Nova Feeds - Innovative Animal Nutrition

Nova Feeds has been providing nutritional solutions for over five decades.

Our foundations are built upon partnering with generations of farmers, understanding their unique specie requirements and formulating feed solutions that are the most nutritional for farming success.

Proud of our production heritage which began with our first mill, in the early sixties, in Malmesbury, our pedigree spans Bokomo and Pioneer Foods.


Our Operations:

Our feed mills are located nationally, with two factories in the Western Cape, on the Malmesbury site, a mill in the Southern Cape (George) and Eastern Cape (Olifantskop) and up North in Gauteng (Pretoria).

Five feed mills, with a total production capacity of approximately 62 500 tons per month (2017: 60 000 tons).

Our mills are highly automated and are equipped to manufacture a wide variety of feeds for optimal animal nutrition. Integrated quality and safety systems are in place at all mills to ensure the consistent output of global standard products for livestock consumption.

Expansion of production capacity at the Olifantskop feed mill in Paterson and the Pretoria feed mill have added a further 9 700 tons per month to total production capacity – a 16% increase.


Our Expertise

We have extensive expertise in the formulation and manufacture of feeds for monogastric and ruminant livestock. The main feed categories include poultry (broiler and layer), dairy, pig, ostrich and sheep feed.

Nova Feeds is the leading supplier of dairy feed in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape, and provides feed solutions to leading dairy farmers.

National Master Dairyman 2019/2018/2017…

Through constant research, innovation and best practices, we continue to unlock real value for our customers with a personalised service commitment, business partnering and production reliability.


Nova Feeds is a provider of nutritional animal feed solutions to the agricultural sector in Southern Africa.

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