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Water Tank Pump Kit: Providing You With Comfortable Independence

Water Tank Pump Kit: Providing You With Comfortable Independence

Have you been considering installing an alternative water system? We don't blame you, water is an essential resource that we rely on to live a healthy and hygienic life.  An alternative water system will allow you to store and pump water to your home that you have gathered through rainfall.

In this article, we will discuss what an alternative water system consists of as well as what a water tank pump kit can offer you.


Why Alternative Water Solutions Are Important

Alternative water solutions are becoming increasingly popular. There are many factors that are encouraging individuals to opt for these solutions. With ESKOM being in deep water and struggling to keep the lights on in the country, citizens are wondering when the power will fail completely. If this does happen water will also be difficult to come by. Even if this does not happen, we all pay exorbitant prices to access water on a daily basis. At the rate we are using water, it is a damaging factor to our environment. The water we currently get from our taps is also not of the best quality, which could counteract our health.

All of these facts piled together have made alternative water solutions a must-have instead of a nice-to-have.


What an Alternative Water System Looks Like

There are many aspects that one can make use of in an alternative water system. Some of these products are a necessity when starting to implement an alternative water source while others can be included to make a system more efficient and comfortable.

  • JoJo Tanks: These large tanks provide you with water storage. They typically catch rain water and work best when connected to a gutter so that the water caught by the gutter can flow into the tank. JoJo tanks are manufactured from virgin LLDPE and have BPA-free, food-grade lining to prevent chemical leaching and preserve the water. They typically also have a black lining to prevent algae growth and a UV-stabalised outer layer to prevent sun damage.
  • Water Conditioner: A water conditioner partially filters the water that has been collected in your tank. It makes it fit for use in the home for purposes such as washing dishes and clothes, bathing, and more. It ultimately makes use of small amounts of chemicals to prevent scale from forming. While this water is safe for household use, it is not safe for consumption.
  • Water Filter: In order to make your water safe for consumption, one needs to make use of a water filter. A JoJo water filter makes use of a specialised filter that removes sediment and particulates. It does so with any sediment and particulates that are larger than 5 micron.
  • Water Pump: When you install a pump, you are able to convert your tank into a pressurised water storage unit that will be able to feed water to where it is needed in your home.


Do You Need a Pump With a Water Tank?

You do not necessarily need a water pump for your JoJo tank but it does make it significantly easier to use. When you install a water pump and connect it correctly, you will be able to resume business as usual. Otherwise, you will have to manually gather water from your water tank and carry it to where it is needed in your home. Therefore, deciding whether you should install a water pump system depends on the level of comfort you would like to experience in your home.


Which Pump is Best for a Water Tank?  

If one is considering size, then the best pump for your home and/or garden would be one that suits your power and pressure needs. It is also important to find a pump that is robust and durable to ensure it lasts for many years to come. JoJo has a wide variety of pumps to suit many requirements. From smaller centrifugal booster pumps to large VSD booster pumps, they are able to ensure your system operates exactly as you need it to.

Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about JoJo and how you can create an entire alternative water system.

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