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Sheep handling equipment in South Africa

Sheep Handling Equipment In South Africa

The layout of the sheep farm, the labour available, and the sheep handling equipment implemented will determine the effectiveness of the farm’s outputs and results. Sheep handling equipment in South Africa can assist farmers with monitoring, medicating, sterilising, and processing their sheep, whilst making optimal use of the space that they have available to work with.

The facility should ideally focus on the ease of movement of sheep and the labour for those working with the animals.  


Sheep Handling Equipment Components

Sheep handling equipment for sale in South Africa typically includes:

  • Loading ramps
  • Shearing pens
  • Holding pens
  • Weighing scale
  • Dip facilities


Loading ramp

A loading ramp is used to make it easier to load of sheep in and out of transport, buildings, etc. A loading ramp can also be part of portable sheep handling equipment that can travel along with the sheep transportation. Some sheep loading ramp tips include:

  • When placing the ramp, pay special attention to visibility for the sheep. For example, they will be more reluctant to enter the intended designation if they cannot see where they’re going because the sun in in their eyes. Sheep don’t like visual dead ends – they don’t move freely towards them. Position the ramp so that there aren’t delays caused by any hesitation from the animals.
  • In order to ensure easy manoeuvring, a sheep loading ramp must be placed in such a way that free access is provided for a vehicle, for both side and rear loading methods.
  • To avoid accidents, the loading ramp needs to be secured with a non-slip covering. This will also avoid delays and ensure the safety of the animals and the staff who need to walk on it. Sheep don’t like light coming up from under gratings – they will be very wary of it and not want to move forward. Make sure that your ramp’s floor looks solid.
  • Every part of the ramp needs to be smooth, with no protruding pieces due to wear-and-tear or rust. They may catch the animals’ hoofs, or staff, and cause injuries. Ramps need to be maintained regularly.
  • When securing the loading ramp to the intended destination, it needs to be seamless. If there is a gap in between, the sheep may step into it and injure themselves or cause serious delays.


Shearing pens

Sheep shearing pens are designed to make the sheep shearing process run as smoothly and easily as possible. They are made to accommodate sheep shearing equipment, so your pen size and structure will depend on the equipment that you need, and the size of your flock.


Sheep weighing scale

One of the most important steps in evaluating and improving your sheep flock management practices is good record keeping, which includes keeping tabs on your flock’s weight. Recording the weight of each sheep will help with managing the condition of your flock, and the growth rate of your lambs. It will also help with monitoring pregnant ewes. There are different scales for different purposes, to suit a range of budgets. The best way to find one for your needs is to research options from different sheep handling equipment suppliers.


Sheep dip facilities

Every sheep farmer knows that sheep dipping is important for keeping away pests and sheep scab. Sheep dip facilities need to be installed in a safe manor, for the sheep, the handlers, and the environment. Many of the chemicals used in sheep dipping can be harmful, and so the facility should be well-ventilated, installed with run-off capabilities, and the well equipped to dispose of excess safely.


While there are many other aspects when it comes to sheep handling equipment, the ones mentioned above are the most common and can be found by local sheep handling equipment suppliers.


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heep handling equipment in South Africa can assist farmers with monitoring | medicating | sterilising | and processing their sheep | whilst making optimal use of the space that they have available to work with.