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The Trusted Gumboot Supplier in South Africa

The Trusted Gumboot Supplier in South Africa

For 45 years, we’ve used our expertise to provide innovative and superior safety footwear to many industries, and we have become a trusted gumboot supplier in South Africa and across the world.

Starting in 1977 supplying the agriculture and general industry with PVC gumboots, we have since expanded our range, offering a wide variety of industries with trusted safety footwear protection. 

Agricultural Gumboots

Neptun Boot has been a well-recognised agricultural gumboot supplier in South Africa since our inception. Just as the right machinery and equipment are integral to safe and productive farming, so is the right kind of safety footwear. Agricultural gumboots with reinforced protection such as steel toe caps can reduce the risk of injury from animals and dangerous machinery with unguarded and moving parts.


General Purpose Gumboots

Whether you need protection for wet or dry conditions, Neptun’s range of general-purpose gumboots will keep you comfortable and protected. Water-resistant and durable, our general-purpose PVC gumboots come in a range of styles from clogs, shoes and tall gumboots, so you can find exactly the right boot for you. 




Mining Gumboots

Tough jobs require even tougher protection, and mining is one of the toughest industries. Since the debut of our now iconic Shosholoza Gumboot in 2005, we’ve dedicated our efforts to being the preferred mining gumboot supplier in South Africa. The Shosholoza Gumboot is well-recognised around the world for its patented metatarsal protection and was the 2007 winner of the prestigious DISA AWARD.


Food Processing Gumboots

With some of the highest standards of hygiene and safety when it comes to personal protective wear, the food processing industry requires high-quality, anti-bacterial PVC gumboots. From our Marina gumboots range to our Shova gumboots options, our range of food processing gumboots are hygienic, easy to sanitise, and ensure the wearer stays protected from physical and chemical hazards.



Forestry Gumboots

Working in the forestry industry poses many risks to your health, and often your feet are on the front line. Safety toe protection, anti-penetration midsoles, metatarsal protection, and non-slip soles are all important safety features that forestry safety footwear should ideally feature. As a forestry gumboot supplier in South Africa, we provide superior protection to those in the forestry industry.



Children’s Gumboots

As any parent will know all too well, kids aren’t afraid of dirt. We’ve been producing our Clipper Kids Gumboots since 1977, and they’re one of the best ways to ensure that your child can enjoy the world around them without you having to worry about them getting dirty, wet, or cold feet.


Find the Right Boot for You

We are not only a trusted gumboot supplier in South Africa, but also a producer of metal-free safety boots, which are a popular choice for mine workers, the construction and automotive industry. Our SafeLite range features composite toe caps which are lighter, easier to pass through metal detectors, and provide superior thermal insulation. 

Whether you’re looking for safety boots or a product from our trusted range of PVC gumboots, you can find the right boot for you with Neptun. From our SafeLite range to our heavy-duty Stimela XP gumbootsClipper Children’s gumboots and more, we’ve got the right boot for you.


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