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An Organic Plant Growth Stimulator that Actually Works

The global population is in a constant state of growth. This has put pressure on food production, water sources, and the landmass needed for farming. Due to this constant growth and the challenges the agricultural industry is faced with to keep up with demand, new, innovative farming methods have become a priority.


There is a large need for innovative farming practices that can help improve the scale and quality of farming while reducing the vast amount of waste within the agricultural industry. It is even more impressive when these solutions are organic, allowing farmers to reach their full crop potential while avoiding harmful pesticides. One of the best ways to achieve successful crop growth while being environmentally friendly, is to use an organic plant growth stimulator.


Organic Growth Stimulant

World Focus is a company that creates and produces organic growth supplements that can be applied to the leaves and root systems of plants. They strive to nurture nature by focussing on plant health instead of plant protection. Some of their products include:

  • Gliogrow: This organic growth stimulant provides a plant with the nutrients it needs to encourage healthy plant growth throughout the its entire life cycle. The product is created from a naturally occurring metabolite that alleviates the stress that plants are exposed to through environmental conditions. The application process of Gliogrow depends on the type of crop it is being utilised for. Although Gliogrow is suitable for all types of crops, you can find out more about the best practices surrounding the application on vegetable, grain, and fruit crops on the World Focus website.
  • Gliosense: This plant growth stimulant is enzyme based and is specifically designed for grains. It contains micro- and trace-elements. This mixture makes it easy for plants to absorb through their leaves. Gliosense is usually applied to a crop before the grain flowers.
  • Gliomax: This stimulant is also enzyme based; however, Auxin and Sitokenien are included along with the micro- and trace-elements present in Gliosense. The plant growth stimulant has been created for grain crops and should be applied every 3 to 4 weeks. It can also be applied to leaves as it is easily absorbed.
  • CCM: The stimulant CCM (Complex Calcium Magnesium) is created using an enriched micro-fine alkaline Calcium and Magnesium resource. CCM also has a small particle size that allows for a faster and greater surface reaction.
  • Complex: The Complex range consists of a variety of products. They contain organic and amino acids, enzymes, and on occasion, additional minerals. The aim of this product is to reduce the metabolic stress on the plant during its growth phase. The result is fast and vigorous growth as the plant is maintaining the needed energy to flourish.

Organic Root Stimulation

COA is a product that is a combination of a variety of organic acids. It is made up of all the groups of acids that fall under the umbrella term “organic acids”. These include fulvic, humic, amino acids, and more. COA is an easy and effective way to ensure your crops stay healthy. It encourages strong root formation and growth, ensuring that your plants are able to absorb the nutrients and water that they need to grow into a successful crop. COA also improves the texture and structure of the soil, as well as encourages germination and seedling development. This will reduce the number of crops lost to failed germinations.


The Application Process

There are multiple ways in which these plant growth stimulators can be applied and distributed to the crops. The method of distribution will depend on the product. This product is available in either a soil or liquid form. Stimulants in the form of a liquid spray can be distributed through agricultural irrigation systems and liquid NPK ferts.  

The solution to keeping up with the global food demand is to strengthen the crops themselves. To find out more about how an organic growth stimulant can improve your crop production, the quality of your crops, and the overall health of your crops, visit our directory, or contact World Focus.

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