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Afribore CC: Agricultural Borehole Drilling

The benefits of borehole drilling as a means of creating agricultural irrigation systems is both cost-effective and accessible. This is especially true of areas where the nearest water source is far away and there is a need to tap into a groundwater source for irrigation.

What is Groundwater?

Groundwater is the result of rain, hail, sleet and snow that soaks into the ground as part of the water cycle. Once it has passed through layers of soil, sand, gravel or rock it reaches a point saturated with water, the top of which is called the water table.

Dependant on the landscape the water table may be relatively near to the surface of the ground or hundreds of meters below the surface. Only some of these saturated zones or collections of water can be tapped into for use.

What are Aquifers?

When enough ground water is saturated beneath the ground’s surface which can be accessed through permeable rock or another loose material it is known as an aquifer. Aquifers surface as springs under natural water conditions. However, when it is tapped into via a borehole it can provide a valuable source of water.

Accessing Groundwater by Drilling a Borehole

A borehole is essentially a deep hole bored into the ground once the site has been investigated to reach water stored in the aquifer. For irrigation purposes a vertical conduit or well pipe for the water is inserted down to the water and can be pumped to the surface with a hand pump, diesel pump or wind mill.

Complete Water Services from Afribore CC

With sophisticated technology and expertise Afribore CC are leading irrigation suppliers specialising in borehole installation. By providing sustainable water sources for agriculture in South Africa they play a direct role in making sure produce gets from the farm to your table.

Afribore CC can be consulted for anything from drilling the boreholes and installing pumps to cleaning and servicing of your borehole irrigation system. Sustainable water sources are few and far between, unless you consult Afribore CC to expertly tap into a quality water source, right beneath your feet.


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