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SABS-Approved 99.99% Effective Sanitiser

SABS-Approved 99.99% Effective Sanitiser

SABS-Approved 99.99% Effective Sanitiser


To Protect Livestock And Animal Products

Disease control, product quality and increased production at reasonable production costs are some of the main goals in the livestock industry. Meeting per capita consumption while prioritising health and safety

measures are key considerations when it comes to disease control and the use of antibiotics in the industry.

Advanced VITA HOCI ensures effective decontamination of hatcheries and brooders to prevent the spread of disease and eliminate pathogenic organisms from livestock enclosures and products. Advanced VITA HOCl

is a cost-effective and reliable solution to maintain healthy livestock enclosures, product quality and shelf life.


Livestock Sanitation (Cattle, Poultry And Pigs)

Advanced VITA HOCl is safe to use on livestock and proven effective at reducing microorganism colony counts where livestock is kept in close quarters. Research has established a link between cross-contamination

in hatcheries, brooders and enclosures and carcass contamination during processing. Properly sanitised livestock enclosures and equipment (of poultry and pigs in particular) are vital to break the transmission cycles of microbial pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria. Advanced VITA’s main component, HOCl is also effective at combatting Foot and Mouth disease.


Application Methods (Misting, Fogging, Spraying and Dosing)

Advanced VITA HOCl is eco-friendly and safe to use on livestock and animal products and processing surfaces. When sanitising contact surfaces, tools, equipment or cold rooms, Advanced VITA HOCl can be applied via pressure sprayers or foggers or even cold steam humidifiers. Water points can also be dosed to disinfect and help prevent biofilm build-up


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SABS-Approved 99.99% Effective Sanitiser | ADVANCED HEALTH