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CBD Isolate Extraction Technology A First For SA

Through conceptualisation, testing, and development, Afriplex produces novel and commercially viable products for local and international markets as part of the cannabis giant, ImpiloVest. It places a high degree of emphasis on the safety and efficacy of its products due to its status as one of Africa's leading brands in the areas of botanical extracts, complementary medicines, food and beverage products, and food and beverage product development.

According to Arno Roux, the facility's Managing Director, the CBD market will continue to grow in SA, and with technology like this, growth will be accelerated even more. By 2026, the local market is estimated to be worth R406.3 million. He says, “In partnership with the CRI, we have managed to extract and crystalise CBD from locally sourced material, making it suitable for those who do not desire the effects of THC. This latest offering will potentially pave the way for export opportunities to regions such as Europe, North America, and South America looking to source good quality supply.”

According to ImpiloVest's Business Development Director, Paul Nunes, the ability to locally produce CBD extract can protect local businesses from global supply chain issues by being able to source high-quality locally produced API. “By sourcing locally, product releasing can be done much faster, crisis management is more effective, the local economy grows, and consumer confidence is improved.”

Through innovation and technology, utilising scientific expertise, Nunes says the group seeks to positively impact the world: "Our objective is to unlock opportunities and grow businesses by leveraging innovation and technology throughout their value chains. Ultimately, we hope to transform industries and improve communities, the environment, and lives.”


About ImpiloVest

ImpiloVest was founded to provide a holistic approach to creating value throughout the entire supply chain of health and wellness companies. Our business model is founded on a vision to create value from source to shelf by providing quality solutions in health and wellness.  

We focus on innovation and technology to unlock opportunities and grow businesses throughout their value chains. We believe this will allow us to transform industries and make a positive impact on people's lives, communities, and the environment.

Our mission is to create global health and wellness solutions.

We partner with like-minded companies that are committed to protecting our planet, supporting human rights, and promoting fair labour practices. Our partners are aligned with our principles and support us in strengthening our purpose.  The ImpiloVest model has been proven to deliver exceptional financial results, in addition to social upliftment and empowerment of communities.

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A First For SA: CBD Isolate Extraction Technology Developed In The Western Cape