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Sagewash™ Sanitizer Easy To Use, Affordable, Effective And Safe

The pandemic event of the past two years has taught us that sanitisation is one of the strongest methods of dissolving viral and bacterial threats. Never before has this aspect of hygiene been so widely acknowledged as crucial to the total food production chain and personal safety. Sanitisation may have long had its place in the healthcare industry, in the science, agriculture and industrial sectors, yet while effective, has not evolved sufficiently to be affordable and applicable to general use environments.

Safety, affordability and applicable to general use environments is a motivator behind the invention and patented Sagewash™ Sanitizer, a system so unique and easy-to-use, that it is set to revolutionise not just efficiencies of sanitisation, but broad-based effectiveness. Consider, for example, the agricultural and food processing industries, the boarding kennel industry or school environments: there are exploding populations that face the rapid transmission of viral, bacterial and fungal infections.

Agriculture for example, must contend with the likes of FMD, Swine flu, Avian influenza and a wide range of bacteria. Likewise, humans in the work, home, schooling, and recreational environments are faced with a multitude of viruses, bacteria and funguses, all of which can be deadly, especially to those with compromised immune systems. Such pathogens are actually more pervasive than most think.

What a high percentage of microbes are vulnerable to, in terms of destruction, is chlorine, which is the key sanitising agent used in the Sagewash™ Sanitizer system. Chlorine compounds are broad spectrum germicides which act on microbial membranes, inhibit cellular enzymes involved in glucose metabolism, have a lethal effect on DNA, and oxidize cellular protein. Chlorine has activity at low temperature, is relatively cheap, and leaves minimal residue or film on surfaces.

Sagewash™ Sanitizer produces a solution of Hypochlorous acid at a PH level only 0.3 -0.4 above the input water PH; therefore, the Hypochlorous acid levels are at @ 65%; and is therefore also non-corrosive at these levels. Hypochlorous acid, which is highly effective against most dangerous pathogens like bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa, none of which are proving resistant to hypochlorous acid. 

Sagewash™ Sanitizer uses a solid tablet delivery system. The delivery system itself, is a handheld sprayer that easily connects to a garden hose. Insert the tablet in the cylinder of the sprayer unit, connect to a hosepipe and water source. Spray and sanitise the area required. It eliminates the need to hand-mix chemicals, making it exceptionally safe and with no dangerous residual effects.

Each Sagewash™ Sanitizer tablet produces a minimum of 1 500 litres of sanitiser, delivers no corrosive irritants, is safe for people, animals and plants, and requires no rinsing after application.  

This delivery system is cost effective. It requires no specialist training, certifications or electricity, reduces traditional cleaning times by at least half, is safe for the environment, and can be used on a myriad of environmental, industrial, commercial and domestic surfaces.


Sagewash™ Sanitizer is suitable for use in all environments that must contend with viruses, bacteria, algae and mould.


SABS tested and European standards test.


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