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Put Your Healthiest Foot Forward

Safety footwear plays a vital part in creating a safe and healthy work environment, protecting workers’ feet from the many inherent dangers that are present in the workplace.

Safety shoes are sold with varying features and specifications – from steel midsoles, steel toecaps and metatarsal protectors – all designed to protect the feet. While necessary to protect the outside of the foot, safety footwear is not always good for the foot itself.

This raises the issue of designing ethical safety footwear. That is footwear that protects the foot, but also best promotes foot health. Safety footwear designers must allow for natural foot action to stimulate healthy blood flow, but also protect the wearer from various workplace hazards. An additional challenge presents itself in the fact that South African feet are different to those of some other nationalities.

So, how do you strike the balance between protecting workers’ feet but at the same time keeping them healthy? Those in charge of workplace health and safety need to look at three things.


#1         It starts with the shape  

The shape, alignment and proportional design of the mould is important, but so too is the positioning and flexibility of the sole. With increased sole flexibility, the new Bova Trax 2.0 range has improved the flexion of the sole significantly, which increases blood flow through the body. Healthy foot blood flow has many positive effects. It prevents fatigue, aids concentration, decreases stress and supports both cardiovascular and foot function.


#2         A weighty issue

The weight of a safety shoe or boot can affect a person’s energy levels. By reducing the weight on a sole you are saving on energy exerted per step. For an individual taking 8,000 – 10,000 steps per day and spending long hours on their feet, any reduction in the weight of the shoe will reduce physical exertion. Weight in the Bova Trax 2.0 range has been reduced by 261g per pair[1] on average. This takes the equivalent of 1.3kg off the back and reduces energy exerted by up to 2.8% per step. 


#3         A multi-layered approach

Employers should look for safety footwear that provides multiple layers of shock absorption and comfort. Safety footwear in the Bova Trax 2.0 range provides 3 layers of comfort technology that work together to absorb shock, reduce fatigue and improve overall foot health.  


Bova Trax 2.0 has been designed in consultation with an expert podiatrist and guided by data collected from a broad spectrum of South African wearers. This gave birth to a safety footwear range that provides more flexibility, is lighter in weight, has better traction and delivers even greater comfort. To learn more about the Bova Trax 2.0 range, visit  


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