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How Do Weather Stations Benefit Farmers?

For farmers, it’s imperative to have access to accurate weather predictions. The weather will determine how much water to use, what protection to implement, labour needs and crop health, among other factors.

The most common cause for farm failure is crop failure and livestock death due to weather-related events. Of course, a weather station won’t be able to control the weather, but it can certainly help farmers to prepare for what’s coming. Having a weather station on your farm will eliminate the risks that come from using the (oftentimes unreliable) local weather service predictions.

The Benefits of Weather Stations for Farmers

  • Be prepared: Automatically receive notifications on your cellphone when a certain maximum or minimum temperature is going to be reached – this will help to prevent livestock from dehydrating in extreme heat and will allow farmers to prepare for frost.
  • Save water: By monitoring rainfall and humidity, farmers can optimise their irrigation techniques accordingly. This will prevent overwatering, which can severely impact crops.
  • Temperature tracking: Being able to monitor what the temperature is going to do in the future will allow farmers to accurately plan for labour required, what kind of equipment they will need to protect livestock and crops from heavy rains and relentless sun.
  • Track air pressure: Knowing what the air pressure is doing can alert farmers to incoming thunderstorms. They can then put their livestock under cover so that they don’t get struck by lightning or hurt in hail.  

There are multiple benefits of having an accurate weather station on a farm. When looking for a weather station for sale in South Africa, DFM Technologies can help!

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