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Quick Skills in Agriculture

Quick Skills in Agriculture

Agriculture is an investment in your future. Your passion for farming can lead to a food-secure future for yourself and your community. Your small-scale farming business can grow exponentially by investing in quick skills specific to your venture.  To achieve any of this you’ll need knowledge, practical experience, and mentoring. Gain these core skills with Agri Skills Transfer’s agricultural short courses.


We understand that farmers and their employees don’t always have time available for training and that’s why our short courses are ideal. They’re quick (1 – 5 days long), comprehensive, and consists of theory and practical components. Our current short course list consists of:

  • Beef cattle production,
  • Goat production,
  • Pig production,
  • Plant production,
  • Poultry production,
  • Sheep production,
  • Saffron introduction,
  • Veggie farmer (home veggie garden), and
  • Drive a tractor.

Your farming future starts with Agri Skills Transfer. Choose one or all of our short courses and soak up our collective knowledge and experience. These agricultural short courses cover all the basic information needed to start or improve your farming venture.


Agri Skills Transfer is an accredited service provider with the AgriSETA with a broad scope of programmes. For those looking for full qualifications we offer the National Certificate and National Diploma in Animal or Plant Production. These programmes can be done via blended learning (online & in-person practical at our Cullinan Farm) or as distance learning. Learners are assigned a mentor who will guide them through the programme to ensure they meet all their goals and successfully complete their training.


We welcome anyone who wants to visit our demonstration farm near Cullinan (by appointment) or you can stop by and visit our head office in Groenkloof, Pretoria. Visit our website (, email ( or call (012 460 9585) to learn more about our courses.


For more agricultural products and services, click here.

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