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Kremetart Industrial Led Stadium Light

Elevate your sports facility to world-class standards.

The Kremetart Industrial LED Stadium Light represents the ultimate industrial stadium light, built with top-notch Meanwell/Osram drivers that guarantee unrivalled performance and long-term reliability.

What sets the Kremetart apart is its innovative design, featuring separate adjustable banks for precision light distribution. Create the perfect ambiance for your sports events, enhancing both performance and the overall spectator experience.

Tailoring a solution to your needs is a breeze for Afrison due to useful tools like lensing, different colour temperature- and wattage options. Afrison has the ideal lighting solution for your unique needs that may range from evening/night sporting events all the way to increasing security.

Embrace the future with 4K UHD streaming readiness, capturing and sharing all the action in stunning clarity.

The Kremetart Industrial LED Stadium Light is more than just lighting; it's a commitment to excellence, precision, and innovation.

Unlock your path to energy independence with the Stacker Inverter and 5kWh LiFePO4 Battery Module - a powerful combination that redefines the way you manage and utilize energy.


Stacker Battery Module:

Our 5kWh LiFePO4 Battery Module stands as a beacon of energy innovation. Powered by cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate technology, it offers unrivaled efficiency and a long-lasting, sustainable solution. With 5kWh of capacity, you have a dependable energy source for everyday use and backup when needed most.


The Stacker Inverter, a 5kW pure sine wave marvel, ensures clean, stable power, eliminating voltage irregularities. Seamlessly integrated with the battery module, it harmonizes energy flow, maximizing the use of stored power.

Integrated Charge Controller:

An intelligent integrated charge controller simplifies energy management. It optimizes energy flow, preserving your batteries and facilitating efficient charging. Take charge of your energy consumption with ease.

Empower your future with the Stacker Inverter and 5kWh LiFePO4 Battery Module, shaping a sustainable, self-reliant energy landscape for homes, businesses, and beyond. Your energy, your way.

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