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The Responsible Use Of Feed Silos In South Africa For Successful Farming

Feed silos in South Africa, and in countries across the world, are integral to successful, profitable farming. Without grain silos providing safe storage under the correct conditions, South African poultry, livestock and swine farmers would lose revenue due to having to invest more in the feed for their agricultural products and assets.

The Importance of Proper Feed Silos in South Africa

Without the correct use of feed and grain silos farmers would be losing huge amounts of profits having to pay for feed that is riddled with pests or rotten due to excess moisture and exposure. If farmers need to pay for feed more than once their profits take a knock, if profits take a knock so does production and then the farmer is doomed to produce less in the near future. The answer is to properly store feed in silos as well as make use of innovative equipment to ensure all the feed bought is put to good use and not a single grain is wasted.

Saving Money and Feed with Grain Drying Systems

The conditions under which feed in silos is under can be difficult to predict due to the sheer scale of a single silo and how much feed it can hold. The GSI Group SA has introduced new innovations to aid farmers in overcoming such challenges. The GSI Group SA not only offers effective feed silos in South Africa but also grain drying systems to ensure the feed in the silo is fit for consumption when that time comes. The drying systems keep feed dry and free from pests and mould.

New Agricultural Innovations: Temporary Feed Silos for Sale

Farming is constantly changing in an effort to feed the people of Africa. The GSI Group SA has taken this into consideration with their temporary feed silos for sale. They make use of wall panels into which an aeration system is fit and covered with a secure tarp. This temporary system can last for between one to three years while saving you money thanks to reduced fan use.

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