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AgrifoodSA_Nutritional Values that Are Essential for Wholesome Animal Feed in South Africa

Nutritional Value Essential for Wholesome Animal Feed in South Africa


In order to provide your farm animals with the best nutrition so that you get the best productivity results, be sure to check the nutritional value of what’s inside your feed or find out how to identify the best sheep, dairy, or chicken feeds in South Africa.

Firstly, What Different Kinds of Animal Feed Are There?

There are a variety of farm animal feeds that are produced in order to cater for the different species of farm animal, but also what they are being farmed for. It is important to get an expert animal feed manufacturer and supplier that produces scientifically advanced feed according to the unique requirements of our different types of farm animals.

Chicken Feed – chicken feed can be split into the more superior feeding solutions, broiler and layer feed.

Cow Feed – cow feed can be produced to suit more specific requirements such as beef feed or dairy feed, you also get milk calf feed.

Other Feed – farmers can also get advanced sheep feed for their flock, and other feeding supplements such as lick supplements and animal tub supplements.

So, What Nutritional Value Should Farmers Look Out For in Animal Feed?

The nutritional value of animal feed in South Africa is important in determining the welfare of our farm animals, as well as how successful productivity may be.

Protein – sources of protein are essential for animals in order to promote tissue growth and repair, if protein is lacking in their diet, most farm animals must break down body tissue to obtain sufficient protein which results in weight loss.

Energy – energy is probably the most important nutritional value to take into consideration, a lack of energy prohibits the performance of livestock animals and leads to weight loss, reduced fertility, and reduced growth rate. 

Vitamins and Minerals – essential vitamins and minerals include salt, to maintain intakes of food and water, calcium and phosphorus, to maintain growth and feed consumption, as well as vitamin E and selenium.

Where Can Farmers Get Advanced Animal Feed in South Africa?

In order to mitigate the worry about whether you are feeding your animals the correct nutrition, get a reliable animal nutritional solutions provider who can supply you with all the products you need. Have a look at the comprehensive list of animal feed providers on AGRIFOODSA, your number one agricultural product directory.

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