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The Impact of Online Learning on Agriculture

The Impact Of Online Learning On Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of human civilisation and online learning is on its way to transforming the industry. Not only has agriculture allowed humanity to evolve and thrive, but it also greatly supports our current economy. The agricultural industry provides food, fibre, and even raw materials utilised in a variety of other industries. Without it, our society would not flourish. In order for agriculture to continue to evolve further and support our society, farmers need to consistently educate themselves and future farmers need to learn the methods and techniques required to be successful. In this article, we will explore the impact of online learning in agriculture.



While one can try to start farming without any prior experience or knowledge, it is almost guaranteed that one’s first season will not be very successful. Therefore, it is advisable to undergo agricultural education to learn the intricacies of this craft. There are multiple benefits to agricultural education, whether its online learning or in person. Here’s some benefits you must keep in mind:


Gaining Knowledge

While agriculture might seem as simple as planting a seed in the ground and allowing it to grow, or buying a few cows and feeding them when necessary, it is not. From weather conditions to soil quality, and even financial planning, there is a lot that goes into farming and agriculture. Future farmers will also be taught how to perform research and remain knowledgeable in their field for years to come.


Best Practices

Farming does have a lot of generational knowledge that has determined certain best practices within the industry. Some of the best practices that students will be exposed to include integrated pest management, soil conservation, water management, and much more. These practices will ensure that farmers are able to make informed decisions moving forward.


Latest Technology

While farming and agriculture is an age-old practice that allowed humanity to evolve, it is also a field that is consistently developing in great leaps and bounds. Technology has become an integral part of agriculture and the ability to produce large quantities of agricultural produce and products. Agricultural education will expose learners to the newest and best technologies within the industry, allowing farmers to more easily achieve success.



While farming has changed in terms of scale and technologies utilised, it is also an industry that constantly experiences change due to climate change, market fluctuations, policy changes, and more. Agricultural education will empower farmers with the ability to adapt to circumstances as they change. This will allow them to stay ahead of the curve and will prevent them from experiencing large losses due to these changes.



Traditionally, agriculture education was received at a physical institution. However, as technology has developed and the world has moved into the digital age, it has become possible to study agriculture online. While this might seem strange, as agriculture is a practical ‘subject” this has been accounted for. Students can attend short practical courses that are held at predetermined destinations at specific times of the year.

There are also a variety of other benefits that come with studying agriculture online, including but not limited to:


More Accessible

Previously, agricultural schools were at certain educational facilities that had to be attended physically. This would often require the learner to relocate to one of these cities or locations in order to study there and complete their education. Oftentimes, many who wished to study agriculture could not do so because relocation was unattainable for them. Online agricultural schools, therefore, allow for this career path to be more accessible as learners can study from anywhere, if they have internet access and a device that will support the study program.


A Student-Determined Pace

There are many online agricultural courses that allow the student to determine the pace at which they work through the material. This allows students to study part-time while still working and paying bills.



Online agricultural education is significantly cheaper than traditional alternatives while still providing the learner with a high level of education and information. Students will also be able to remain at home and will not have to spend money on relocating. This cost-effective element once again makes agricultural education accessible to a wider audience.


Agricolleges - An Online Learning Institution

Agricolleges is a highly regarded online agricultural learning institution. They provide entry-level and advanced training that will prepare students for a variety of situations and will allow them to specialise in certain fields of agriculture should they wish to do so. They are a cloud-based online learning institution that is internationally accredited and truly cares about improving the state of agriculture by means of proper education.


Visit the AgrifoodSA directory to find out more about the agricultural online learning provided by Agricolleges International.

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