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OLI South Africa: The Worldwide Leader in Industrial Vibration Technology


OLI is the worldwide leader in industrial vibration technology. Making business simpler for customers while going global with a first-class product has proved successful in making OLI the world’s top selling company of Electric External Motovibrators. As a global player in industrial vibration technology, with three manufacturing sites and eighteen trading subsidiaries, it is OLI’s goal to provide excellent value to our customers.

OLI has been committed to delivering high-quality market-orientated products since being founded in 1961, but is aware that excellent customer service is of pivotal importance.

The OLI product is distributed in Southern Africa by its subsidiary in Gauteng, South Africa.

The OLI's product meets the high demands of the South African climate. Its high-quality products and equipment that can withstand our harsh operating environment. As a strong believer in innovation, OLI is constantly striving to be ahead of the curve.

It is this drive for innovation that allows us to now offer stainless steel motors to industry for clean and efficient plant operation. We also offer a range of flanged mounted electric vibrators, specifically designed to be retro-fitted to existing equipment in a number of industries and sectors. Our other offerings - pneumatic hammers and linear pneumatic vibrators - reduces numerous material flow headaches in plants.

Identifying the customers' needs is a priority; achieving a partnership built on trust is the reward. By supplying competitive, high-quality products for wide-ranging applications, OLI combines performance and reliability by adapting to the ever-changing market.

The key centrepiece of OLI’s business strategy is rapid stock delivery, any time, any place in the world. With its skilled competence and valuable knowledge of the industry, OLI is a credible expert when it comes to assistance in finding the most suitable solution to each individual customer’s request.

As all OLI’s products are market-orientated, this affords the company knowledge of numerous applications and industries.

When you need it, where you need it – the mission statement that gives OLI the edge over its competitors.

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