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Finding a Commercial Vehicles Supplier to Drive All Your Needs


When looking for a commercial vehicle or agricultural machinery supplier, you will want to find a dealer who offers more than just sales. There are a few additional services that will add value to the asset you purchase and ensure the utmost longevity of the vehicle.

Read on to find out what other services your commercial vehicle dealer should be offering.

Personalised Sales Experience

Having a personalised sales experience will ensure that you are offered a comprehensive transport or agricultural machinery solution specifically tailored for the needs of your company. Personalised sales solutions may also include loan vehicles, roadside assistance, discounts on fleet purchases, as well as financing options.

General Maintenance Support

By having your general maintenance support come from the dealers themselves, not only are you negating the need to find a mechanic that can offer you these services, but you are also ensuring that your assets will get the specialised services it requires for a maximum lifespan.

Emergency Assistance

Some commercial vehicle suppliers go the extra mile and offer 24 hour breakdown and emergency assistance to ensure minimum downtime for your operations should an unfortunate mishap occur. This is a valuable service which can help you streamline emergency situations.

Supplier of Genuine Spare Parts

It is also very important for your commercial vehicle or agricultural machinery supplier to also be you one-stop solution for the genuine parts of your type of vehicle. This will make it easier for you to order spare parts, and you a guaranteed access to the specific parts your vehicle or machinery equipment needs.

Find a commercial vehicle supplier on the leading agricultural directory on Agrifood SA, your next, long-term supplier is just a few clicks away.

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